Add a monocle to your EDC because why the heck not?

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NEWS – Getting older is not for wimps. In addition to having more aches and pains, you have to deal with changes in your eyesight. I’ve been wearing glasses since the 3rd grade, but for those of you who still have 20/20 vision for distance viewing, you might find that your near vision starts to suffer when you reach a certain age.

Instead of using a pair of reading glasses to help you read small text, why not channel your inner villain and use a monocle instead! Monocle Madness monocles are single eye lenses available in 0.00 up to +3.00 magnification levels and in several rim colors.

Keep the monocle in the included metal tin or wear it around your neck so it’s always ready for use. You can buy one starting at $39 at and if you would rather have a pair of regular 2 lens readers in your EDC, check out these super thin ThinOPTICS Reading Glasses that can hang from your keychain!

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3 thoughts on “Add a monocle to your EDC because why the heck not?”

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  2. Robert van Weersch

    I didn’t need glasses for distance viewing, but I already started using (simple) reading glasses in my early 40s. Until tree years ago, when I noticed that I couldn’t read traffic signs very well anymore, had troubles reading subtitles on a screen about 10 ft distance etc. Eventually, I needed +2 / +2.5 glasses, with a +1 multifocal reading addition. But I could not get used to wearing glasses all day long. And then I was informed that I should try multifocal contact lenses (+2 / +2.5 silicon with low reading addition). I tried it and never went back, what a difference! Of course, in general, contacts will give you a better viewing quality, with less distortion etc. than glasses. It feels like my eyes from my twenties are back 🙂 But also the comfort of not having to switch between, or even use, reading glasses is amazing.
    A monocle is very retro, but I would image it not to be very comfortable when reading for a longer period.

    1. Robert, I loved it when I was able to wear contacts but I eventually became allergic to my own proteins that stuck on the lenses (even when cleaning them every day) and had to stop wearing them because my eyes would be red and itchy 24/7. As I get older, one benefit has been that my terrible distance vision has been getting better and better every year. Weird…

      1. Robert van Weersch

        That’s unfortunate. But like a famous Dutch philosopher (actually, a soccer trainer, but who cares?) used to say: every downside, has its upside 🙂

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