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Celebrate with the Force this Christmas by decorating with these Kurt S. Adler Star Wars lawn ornaments. Each 36 inch character (which includes Darth Vader, R2D2, a Storm Trooper, and Yoda) contains 50 lights and is decked out in Christmas apparel to join you in celebrating the holidays. When decorating this Christmas, "Do, or do [...]

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As any kid knows, the Christmas stocking is integral to the gift-receiving process, and the larger the stocking means the more presents that could be stuffed inside.  But as an adult, you're probably in need of something a little bigger, maybe more expandable, and definitely more impressive.  And how about… tactical? The MOLLE Elite Tactical [...]

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Show your Christmas and Android spirit with this fun little ornament from newPCgadgets. Santa will know to leave a new Android gadget under your tree if you decorate it this ornament. Ok not really... But it will definitely add a cute and geeky flair to your tree. The clear acrylic ornaments are 3 1/2"W x 3 [...]

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A very roar-y Christmas


As far as holiday decorations go, I have always been firmly in the anti giant tacky blow-up lawn ornaments camp.  Then I saw this guy and my bah humbug, Grinch-like heart grew three sizes.  This isn't just 5-foot long pre-lit stegosaurus covered in tinsel. No, it's an animated stegosaurus, and he's wearing a santa hat, scarf, [...]

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Ok, here it is.  Can I have a drumroll please?  I know you've all been wondering what to get me for Christmas, so here you go.  I know you have money burning a hole in your pocket, so this should provide you with an outlet. 1.  Nikon D5000 - I have wanted for some time [...]

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I’m Making a List!


The Friday after Thanksgiving marks the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the US, but my Christmas shopping is well underway – and sometimes finished – by that day.  I start thinking about good gift ideas for all my friends and family at the beginning of the new year, and I’ve found many [...]

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You've probably heard of  the Zinio company.  They offer digital subscriptions to many of the magazines you've enjoyed in their paper editions for years, and their apps allow you to read them on your iPad and iPhone.   This year, they're giving you a chance to win an iPad to make your digital reading more enjoyable.   First, you [...]

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I love the Holidays....the brisk winter weather (or for us here in the Pacific Northwest, the dumping rain),  the hustle and bustle, getting together with family and friends, eating too much, buying gifts for everyone, etc. Often I am consulted to assist those same friends and family members in buying tech-gifts for folks on their [...]

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It's Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when crazy shoppers (you know who you are) flock to stores to buy holiday presents for friends and family. Some of the team here at The Gadgeteer thought we'd get together and offer some gift ideas for products we love. We also wanted to share our own wish [...]

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