My Christmas Wish List… are you listening Santa??

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Ok, here it is.  Can I have a drumroll please?  I know you’ve all been wondering what to get me for Christmas, so here you go.  I know you have money burning a hole in your pocket, so this should provide you with an outlet.

1.  Nikon D5000 – I have wanted for some time a D-SLR that provides excellent image capture with HD video capture.  The Nikon D5000 is the first one that I find myself wanting.  I am a Nikon guy, and this is the one I want!

2.  Samsung Galaxy Tab – I have used an iPad for several months, and I am a little tired of it.  It’s too heavy, too limited, and too locked-down for my taste.  I have wanted an Android tablet ever since the iPad came out, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first one that I have envy for.  It’s the perfect size for me, and it’s on my favorite platform, but  I don’t want a contract so I will take a WiFi version please.  Now, I do reserve the right to change my mind up till Christmas Eve if another company comes out with a better Android tablet, so pay close attention.

3.  Mystery Android Super Smartphone – this one is gonna be hard for you.  I have an HTC Droid Incredible smartphone from Verizon.  I love this phone, and I am a huge HTC Sense fan.  But I have had huge cellphone envy from my friends who have the Sprint Evo from HTC.  That is the phone I was waiting for from Verizon, and it went to Sprint.  So I jumped at the Droid Incredible.  I have heard rumors that Verizon is getting their own version of the Evo for the holiday season.  So I would like you to monitor the cellphone rumor sites and hang out at the Verizon store periodically to find out when it will be here.  Oh, and I need an Invisible Shield with that too.

4.  802.11N router – I don’t particularly care which one, because any of them will be better than what I have at home now with my aging 802.11G router.

5.  Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Hard Drive – No matter how big of a harddrive I get for my computer, I always run out of room.  I am tired of it.  I want a 2 TB drive to store everything I have, and more!

Now let’s talk about some technology products that I own that I think you should own too.  These have ‘kept on giving’ to me for some time, so I feel 100% confident that you’ll love these too:

1.  HP Touchsmart PC – We gave this as gift to the kids last Christmas, and I must admit that they have enjoyed this PC almost every day since.  It has a gorgeous 23 in. touch screen, Windows 7, wireless mouse and keyboard, DVD burner, built-in webcam, and other goodies.  It also comes with lots of games to show off that touchscreen.  Just make sure the kids wash their hands after dinner!

2.  Kodak Playsport camera – I absolutely love this camera.  It is smaller than an iPod, holds over 3 hours of HD video on the 16 GB card, can be dropped in the mud or whatever or whatever, and it costs less than $150.  Get this camera.  It won’t replace your high-end HD camcorder, but I guarantee that you’ll be reaching for this camera more than any other camera.

3.  Plantronics Voyager Pro UC bluetooth headset – Ok, just get over it.  You look like a geek no matter which bluetooth headset you are wearing, so just embrace your geek-ness and like it.  And if you are gonna wear one, this is the one you need to be wearing.  It doubles as a bluetooth headset for your computer, it auto-pairs with both your phone and PC, it audibly tells you when you need to recharge, and because of the humongous battery hanging behind your ear, it lasts for days.  I have used this one for 9 months and I still use it daily.  Seriously.  I love this headset.

So there we have it.  You probably even have enough boxes in your house to wrap all of them.  To be honest, I wouldn’t even mind if you wrapped all those gifts for me in the same box!  Hurry up Dec. 25th!

7 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish List… are you listening Santa??”

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  2. @Eduardo Well, I actually have an iPad and I just don’t think it rules that much. I played with the Samsung Galaxy Tab and I am pretty excited about it!

    @Ken Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll pass it along to Santa and his elves!

  3. According to reviews, the D3100 is as good or better than the D5000.

    Isn’t the Droid X basically the Evo for Verizon? What do you give up, the front facing camera and 4G?

  4. Hey Tyler, the Droid X and the Evo are totally different. Moto’s UI is mostly stock Android and the Evo has HTC’s Sense UI, which is what I really love. The form factors are also totally different… the Moto is noticeably bigger even though they both have a 4.3 in. screen.

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