Star Shower makes Christmas decorating easy!

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star shower window wonderland

With Star Shower, you’ll be able to decorate the exterior of your house without requiring ladders or risking a trip to the ER.  Shown in the above image is the Window Wonderland.  Apply the adjustable 4ft x 6ft easy-fit screen to the inside of your windows, position the old movie camera-styled projector in your yard, and you’re ready to start projecting moving holiday displays on the front of your house.  The kit includes six Christmas movies and six Halloween movies for next fall.

The normal price of the Window Wonderland kit is $59.99; it’s available now for $19.99.

star shower slideshow

If you want a display that could cover the entire front of your house (up to 3200 sq ft), check out Star Shower’s Slideshow.  Choose one of the 12 slides (for Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, or birthdays), insert it into the LED projector and watch your house be covered in bright, colorful holiday designs.  An efficient motor sets your selected designs dancing over the house at the selected display speeds: fast, slow, or freeze. It comes with an indoor base if you’d rather have your slideshow inside.  The Slideshow kit was $39.99, but it’s now $29.99.

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