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It's nice to have a place in your car to set your drink, but it's even nicer to have a place to keep your phone where you can see it while it's navigating for you or while it's charging.  With the Cupholder Charging Station, you can convert one drink holder in the center console into [...]

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In my house, it seems like all the electrical outlets are either located behind a big piece of furniture or out in the middle of a wall with no furniture nearby.  If I need to plug something in, I either have to move furniture to reach an outlet or just lay my gadget in the [...]

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We recently told you that Ikea has announced a line of furniture and lamps with built-in Qi chargers.  What about people who don't use Qi charging?  We want nice things, too!  Well, Hammacher Schlemmer has a Device Charging End Table that has a built-in charging station for those of us who still need to cable [...]

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The ChargeHub 7-Port USB Universal Charging Station can charge up to seven of your devices simultaneously using only one power supply.  It's only 3.5" in diameter and 1.5" thick, but it can provide 2.4A per port up to a total of 44W.  Its SmartSpeed™ Technology provides optimal charge for virtually any USB device (based on type [...]

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IDAPT Universal Charger

At one time or another throughout a day, desk space can easily become cluttered with gadgets galore sitting and charging (has anyone seen the mouse?). Rediscover the surface of your desk with the IDAPT Wireless Charger i4w Qi. When using this charger, you will use only a small amount of space to charge up to [...]

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This Universal Multi-Device Charging Station can charge up to six USB-chargeable devices simultaneously.  It has six USB ports inside; two of them are 5V, 1A for charging smart phones and similar devices, and four of them are 5V, 2A for charging power-hungry tablets.  There are slots on top to hold your devices as they charge, [...]

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Plug this thing into a wall outlet, and you'll have six 110V AC outlets, two 5V, 2A and two 5V, 1A USB jacks, and one 30-pin Apple connector at your service.  The BESTK Wall Charging Station is made of fire-resistant ABS material, and it has a built-in fuse and overload/short circuit/surge protection.  It has LED power indicators [...]

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Here's another product from Hammacher Schlemmer that will organize your charging setup.  The Bluetooth Handset Quad Charger comes with four microUSB and two 30-pin Apple cables to connect smartphones and tablets for charging.  The built-in dock areas keep everything tidy.  The Bluetooth handset connects with up to two devices simultaneously, so you won't miss calls while [...]

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This device from Hammacher Schlemmer lets you optimize what a single wall outlet can do.  This speaker dock with a clock radio lets you charge up to six devices in a space that H-S says is less than the room occupied by a toaster (11 1/2" L x 10" W x 7" D).  The Six [...]

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Hmmm.  I thought the purpose of a charging station was to make your desk or tabletop look neater.  The MultiPot Clear Charging Hub with LED Lamp from nova68 corrals the cords, but it doesn't exactly hide the tangled mess of cables.  This 9.25" long x 7.5" tall x 9.25" wide plastic pot is a lamp with [...]

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If you are an Apple mobile device fan like me and have more than one (two or even three) Apple devices, then you are probably looking for a convenient way to charge all of those devices at once. Enter Griffin's new PowerDock 5, a multi-device charging stand that allows you to charge up to five [...]

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If you're in a multi-iPad/multi-iPhone household like me, you know how hard it can be to get everything charged at once without using half the outlets in the house.  With the Sydnee iOS Recharge Station from Kanex, you'll be able to charge up to four iPads and/or iPhones in one compact charging station.  The Sydnee [...]

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Just as the title says, you can charge tablets, phones, MP3 players, cameras - most anything USB-chargeable - with the Converge Rest and Recharge from Quirky.  The pictures even show it charging an iPad 2, which uses 2.1A.  The Converge has four powered USB ports hidden in the back and a slot through which you [...]

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If you have a lot of gadgets - and I'm betting you do - you have a lot of charging cables.  The Powerslice Universal Charger from fuse™ can unclutter your charging area by charging four devices at once with only one AC connection.  There are three replaceable "slices" on the charging base that you fill with [...]

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Cost Plus World Market sells a line of inexpensive, attractive home office furniture.  The Natural Charles Charging Station Hutch sits on top of the Charles Sawhorse desk to provide a place for charging your gadgets;  there's also a place for note cards or pens.  You apparently provide your own power strip, which will fit inside [...]

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