Quirky Converge Charges Most any USB-Chargeable Device

Just as the title says, you can charge tablets, phones, MP3 players, cameras – most anything USB-chargeable – with the Converge Rest and Recharge from Quirky.  The pictures even show it charging an iPad 2, which uses 2.1A.  The Converge has four powered USB ports hidden in the back and a slot through which you feed your charging cables.  Your devices sit on the Converge as they charge; you can charge up to four at a time.  The Converge measures about 12.2″ long X 4″ tall X 5″ deep.  It’s available now at Quirky for $39.99.

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  • Gabe January 20, 2012, 3:14 pm

    Best looking (and most sensible implementation of USB) charging station that I’ve seen yet. Finally, one I could actually envision sitting on my desk

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