iHeadCase: iPhone Case with Built-in Storage for Earbuds

This is another Kickstarter project.  The iHeadCase is available in either a plastic shell case or a faux leather case for iPhone 4/4S.  The Hardshell version is made of polycarbonate and is available in piano black, and some other colors that will be selected later.  This case can also be used as a stand.  The Wallet version is made of polyurethane, an animal-friendly faux leather.  As the name suggests, you can use this case as your wallet, too.  Some Wallets may have wrist straps for use as a clutch.  Both styles hold your iPhone 4 securely, and both styles have a rounded compartment on the back to store and protect your earbuds.  A $25 pledge gets you one Hardshell in black; it’s expected to retail for $39.99.  A pledge of $40 gets you one Wallet in black; it’s expected to retail for $55 or more.  You have until Feb. 17, 2012 to help iHeadCase meet their funding goals.  If funding is successful, the company plans to launch cases for other smartphones, such as Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and for portable media player,s such as the iPod and iPod touch.

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  • Tony M January 21, 2012, 8:57 pm

    Nice…About time someone came up with something for buds that hides them away inside instead of having them dangling at the back. Maybe a home for my precious S4’s

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