Turn your car’s cupholder into a USB charging station


It’s nice to have a place in your car to set your drink, but it’s even nicer to have a place to keep your phone where you can see it while it’s navigating for you or while it’s charging.  With the Cupholder Charging Station, you can convert one drink holder in the center console into a USB charging station for your phone and two other devices. The cylindrical charger fits into standard cup holders.  There’s a compartment that can hold a smart phone in one half of the cylinder, and the top has a rim that can hold a phone (or even a tablet) upright so you can see the driving directions.  It plugs into your car’s power outlet and has three 2.4A USB jacks and advanced circuit design to prevent over-charging.  It’s even small enough that you can carry it in a bag so you can take it in rental cars while traveling.

The Cupholder Charging Station is $49.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

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