Untangle Yourself with the Powerslice Universal Charging Bundle with iPhone/iPod Slices

If you have a lot of gadgets – and I’m betting you do – you have a lot of charging cables.  The Powerslice Universal Charger from fuse™ can unclutter your charging area by charging four devices at once with only one AC connection.  There are three replaceable “slices” on the charging base that you fill with chargers needed for your devices; a USB connector on the bottom allows charging of a 4th device.  Normally you have to purchase each slice separately from the base unit, but because fuse™ is aware of the numbers of iPhones and iPods that have been sold, they designed a Powerslice Universal Charging Bundle for iPhone and iPod that comes with two charging slices for iPhone/iPod in the box.  The Powerslice can charge up to three Apple devices on the charging slices.  These slices are removable and interchangeable.  Other available charging slices include: micro USB, mini USB, Samsung 20-pin, iPhone/iPod, and an LG connector.  Each slice is $9.99.  Normally, the charging base is $39.99 and you purchase three slices separately.  With the bundle, you’ll receive the charging base plus two iPhone/iPod slices for $49.99.  The bundle is available now at fuse™ online.


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  • Elias Rangel September 16, 2011, 11:44 am

    It looks like a Simon game 😀

  • smitty September 17, 2011, 2:02 am

    Too bad one of those bays isn’t switchable to 10 W for iPad charging.

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