No more crawling around in the floor to plug in your chargers with the Tower

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In my house, it seems like all the electrical outlets are either located behind a big piece of furniture or out in the middle of a wall with no furniture nearby.  If I need to plug something in, I either have to move furniture to reach an outlet or just lay my gadget in the floor by an open outlet while it charges.  Neither of these is a good option, and both could be solved with the Tower Multi-Device Charger.  The Tower can stand by your chair or nightstand, or even stand beside that lone outlet on an open wall, to put power at your fingertips.  It has four AC outlets (standard NEMA 15-5R) and two USB jacks (2.1A at 5Vdc each), and it has built-in surge protection and EMI and RFI noise filters.    It has a resettable 15A circuit breaker (1875 Watts), and LED indicators for power, surge protection, and proper grounding.  The base is weighted to prevent tipping over, and it’s removable so the Tower can sit flush against a wall.  It’s rated for 125 VAC, 60 Hz for use in the US and Canada, and it is UL and cUL listed and approved.  The Tower has a detachable caddy to hold both a smart phone and a tablet simultaneously.

The Tower Multi-Device Charger is $100 at SkyMall.

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