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The release date hasn't even been announced for the Apple Watch yet, but Standzout has announced a charging dock for the watches.  The Bandstand Apple Watch Dock will incorporate the watch's inductive charger, so your watch will charge as sits in the stand.  The Bandstand has a pivoting platform for the watch so you can [...]

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The TYLT VÜ Wireless Charger that Dave reviewed earlier this year is still my favorite Qi charger. I ended up buying one after reading his review and have been happily using it with my LG G3 on my night stand next to my bed every night. I'm happy to report that TYLT has just announced [...]

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WedgeDock, an Etsy shop, is offering a custom-made wood dock for the new iPhone 6 Plus.  Each dock is individually handmade in their small workshop in the USA.  It's cut from a solid block of mahogany, and it has a no-tip design.  It works with the bulkiest cases, and it tips the iPhone slightly forward [...]

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This PowerHouse Micro-USB Dock XL is designed for Android tablets and phones, eReaders, and similar devices charged by microUSB.  It has a dock to adjust the microUSB plug so you can dock many of your devices while they are still in a case.  You can rapidly charge your device while photos, music, apps, and other data transfers. [...]

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Those ultra-small computers are a boon for travelers, but you find one of the costs of the light and small form-factor when you need to plug in more than 2 or so USB devices.  My 11" MacBook Air has only two USB jacks, and the simpleDock from Kanex would be a perfect accessory to use [...]

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My favorite gadget right now is my Nexus 7 tablet.  I don't go too many places without it, because it has become a natural extension of my work and my leisure. And so, I am always on the lookout for accessories for it.  But all accessories are not created equal, as you know.  When GearZap [...]

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These charging docks from iSkelter look like no others I've seen.  The Chisel docks for iPad mini, iPhone 4/4S, or iPhone 5 are made of bamboo.  Space for the device has been "chiseled" out of the block of wood, and a channel controls the charging cable to prevent tangles.  The stands can be used horizontally [...]

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This is another Kickstarter project.  The Cube: Home for Your iPhone + Android is a cup-like charger and dock for your Android smartphone or iPhone.  You simply insert the device's charging cable through the bottom of the Cube, and it will be held securely in place to make docking/undocking easy.  The shape of the cup [...]

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I've seen lots of chargers that are small enough to slip into a pocket, but this is the first wearable one I've seen.  The Volt Buckle is seeking funding as an Indiegogo project.  If they can receive pledges of $60,000 by August 13, they will produce a belt buckle that will also serve as a [...]

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I have a habit of spilling my sodas on my desk, so you can imagine that I don’t like just laying my iPhone on the desktop as I sync it.  I don’t usually have anything to drink sitting on my nightstand, but I don’t like just laying the phone on the tabletop because I’m blind [...]

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