The Easy Transfer Cable for Windows 8 from Belkin will do just that - make transferring data to your new Windows 8 PC a snap.  The 8-ft long cable comes with Microsoft Easy Transfer software (on CD).  You simply insert the CD in the old computer and launch the transfer utility, then put the CD [...]

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The next time you want to show the video from your iPhone or iPad on a large screen, grab the Scosche sneakPEEK II cable. It features both component & composite cable connections. Sorry, no HDMI though. The cables have 24k gold plated tips for enhanced durability and superior audio quality. It also features an integrated [...]

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If you're tired of using the little paper covered twist ties to manage your cable clutter, Gear Ties may be the answer. They are reusable rubber covered twist ties that come in a variety of colors and sizes that range from 3" to a whopping 32" long. Besides using them to organize your cables, you [...]

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Universal Network Cable


This Universal Network Cable from would be great for all the IT people out there that are constantly in need of different network cables.  The Universal Network Cable has a selector to convert it to 5 different cable types.  Cable options include rolled, crossover, straight-through, loopback, and T1.  Priced at $24.99, it seems reasonable [...]

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As much as we gadget-fiends might like to have Bluetooth or WiFi connections for all of our peripheral devices, unfortunately the technosphere hasn't yet caught up to our vision.  If cable management is an issue for you, check out the Gumbycord, er... Flexicord (sorry, couldn't resist) by Ziotek.  Patent-pending Memory Cord Technology allows Flexicord to [...]

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We've see various headphone cable organizers on the market, but here's one that features a suction cup - so it has to be cool... right? The Cableyoyo POP from Radtech features a compact Polyethylene winder body and a pure gum rubber suction cup that attaches easily to any hard smooth surface. The Pop also includes [...]


If you don't have a hole in your desk for cables, this set of 6 peel and stick clips will keep the various cables cluttering your desk from falling on the floor. They can also be used to route cables for a more tidy desk. The are available from ThinkGeek for $9.99 a set.

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I really hate it when I get a new gadget to review and find out too late that the necessary cables to hook it up haven't been included in the package. There's nothing worse than making a quick trip to Walmart, Best Buy, etc. only to have sticker shock when I see how much they [...]


If you prefer your desktop to be as uncluttered as possible, one of Griffin's
newest products can help you out. It is the Simplifi iPod / iPhone USB dock and
card reader. Let's take a closer look...

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The DOCKEY is a nicely engineered, small tech-accessory for those road-warriors with mini-USB devices. It replaces the 'factory-supplied' cable, allowing you to sync and charge a multitude of devices, including but not limited to the Blackberry, HTC, and many types of cellphones.

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It seems like we don't see many people here in the states using hand straps on their mobile phones and digital audio players like they do in other countries. About the only small electronic devices where you do see hand straps used with, are digital cameras. That might change with this nifty hand strap from WirelessGround.

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Here is a review of a product that doesn't appear to be all that exciting until you really require a use for it. It's the latest version of a USB 2.0 to IDE / SATA cable from Brando. The first such cable I reviewed was back in 2004. It would only allow you to connect a 3.5 inch IDE drive to your PC or Mac. One year later, the 2nd version of this cable added the ability to connect 2.5 inch drives. Earlier this Spring, yet another iteration of this cable added SATA drive capability. And now the latest version adds one touch backup and a new compact adapter design.

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If you are a geek, chances are that you have a gear bag or a gear closet / cabinet. If your geekiness is truly l33t, you may even have both. Yes, I am proud to say that I do have both! I carry a nice assortment of gear 'stuff' with me in my gear bag [...]

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One of the things I like best about many of the latest Windows Mobile devices is that they are now using mini USB connectors to accomplish syncing and charging. This means that the same set of cables used for my HTC Apache / PPC-6700 will work with the HTC Universal I am currently testing, and [...]

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Right around the corner from my office is a closet which acts as the receptacle for all of the gadgets' boxes and accessories currently being used in our household - well, the ones that will fit, anyway. Inside this closet sits a large cardboard box which holds nothing but power cords, adapters, odd cables and [...]

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When Brando sent me the USB 2.0 to IDE Cable a year ago, I didn't think I'd ever have the opportunity to actually put it to use. However, I was wrong and was able to eventually put it through its paces for a review. But after that one use and review, this cable has stayed [...]

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When I first got my Samsung SPH-i550, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cradle from its predecessor, the Samsung SPH-i500, could be used for the new model's syncing and charging. Obviously unlike some Palm OS devices, Samsung had kept the same connector port. This was good news because it meant that technically, anything [...]


Does it bug the bajeezus out of anyone besides myself that it seems to have become a trend for PDA manufacturers not to include a desktop cradle with their PDAs any longer? We as consumers spend hundreds of dollars on these devices only to be given a cheapo charging cable instead of a charging cradle. [...]


Product Requirements: Device: PalmOne Treo 650 I have been happily using the USB Retractable SyncCharger Cable from Brando's Workshop with my PalmOne Treo 650 for several weeks now. I haven't had a reason to switch to another syncing and charging solution until Seidio contacted me to let me know about their cable.   Their cable [...]


Product Requirements: A USB sync/charger for your electronic device Buying a PDA that comes with a cradle is just wonderful for those who sit at a desk day in and day out. Viewing that PDA's screen when it is sitting propped up at an appropriate angle is quite convenient. However, the first time the owner [...]

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