Colter Co. loves their bandanas. We've told you about their fly fishing knots and survival knots bandanas and now this year they are back with two more 100% cotton 22" x 22" square handkerchiefs that have been made and printed in the USA. The Stargazer bandana is black and features glow a dark print of [...]

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Tonight (05/22/16), Mars will be the brightest that it has been in the past 10 years. The red planet will be so bright that you'll be able to see it in tonight's sky without needing a telescope. Mars now resides opposite the sun in Earth’s sky, because on this date we are passing between it [...]

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I have been an amateur astronomer for the longest time but astrophotography has always eluded me.  I never had the proper equipment and getting a dedicated CCD camera for the purpose of photographing the sun, moon and planets is prohibitively expensive.  A while back, a company called Scopetronix made custom milled adapters that connected point [...]

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These beautiful Starry Light lamps from Anagraphic look like a traditional half-sphere pendant lamp at first blush.  Closer inspection reveals tiny holes drilled in the powder-coated aluminum shade; when the LED light source is on, pinpoints of light are projected onto your walls.  (The lamp is designed so that light is directed downwards as well.) [...]

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New for 2013 is the SkyQ Link WiFi Adapter from Celestron, which allows wireless control of most Celestron motorized telescope mounts that use the hand control computer. There is an IOS interface with telescope alignment mode and a planetarium interface that immediately aims at any celestial object you tap from the SkyView screen. SkyTour generates the [...]

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If you have any interest in astronomy - backyard hobbist or more serious scientist - you need to download this free eBook to your iBooks app on your iPad.  (Requires an iPad using iBooks 2 or later and iOS 5 or later.)  This is a huge book, almost 1GB, that's chock full of informative text, [...]

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Asteroid 2005 YU55

Yesterday, a large asteroid passed the Earth within the moon's orbit.  Asteroid 2005 YU55, roughly the size of a large jumbo jet, safely passed the Earth on its journey through space.  The last time an asteroid of this sized passed the Earth was in 1976.  According to NASA, the asteroid passed at some 201,700 miles [...]

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Man has been exploring space since the dawn of time.  First by seeing pictures in the stars and making up stories of gods, then by using optics and physics to understand that Earth is not the center of the universe, and finally by venturing into space with manned and unmanned crafts.  A wealth of information [...]

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Tonight the winter solstice and total lunar eclipse will overlap for the first time in 458 years. To help make sure that you don't miss this once in a lifetime event, MIT grad whiz kid Tim DeBenedictis is offering the award-winning SkySafari Lite app for free. SkySafari is an easy-to-use planetarium app that helps you [...]

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This Starlight Starscope from Levenger looks like a regular flashlight, until you turn it on.  The Starscope projects stars and constellations onto a wall or ceiling.  You can select a view of the northern, eastern, southern, or western sky.  Rotate the neck of the Starscope and the star patterns change to show how that portion [...]

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Here's another entry in my series of expensive, astronomy-related clocks.  The Tellarium clock from Edmund's Scientifics is made of cherrywood and brass.  It has an 8-day wound movement and Westminster chime.  Under the glass dome on top, a gear-driven earth orbits around the sun, taking a full year to complete the trip.  A polished brass disk [...]

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At $18.99, Starmap Pro is much more expensive than most iPhone apps, but amateur astonomers of all levels will find it very useful.   There is data for 2.5 million stars, multiple star catalogs, multiple deep sky objects catalogs, and data for the solar system.  The "tonight" view shows an ordered list for objects that are [...]

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Planisphere Watch


We recently told you about the Astrodea astronomy watch.  ThinkGeek offers another astronomy watch at a lower price-point.  Enter the date and time on the planisphere dial to see a display of the night sky.  The celestial display is accurate for 35-50 North latitudes.  The watch has a brass face and a rubber and stainless steel band.  The face [...]

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A Watch for Astronomers


At least it's a watch for the amateur astronomers!  ThinkGeek offers the Astrodea Celestial watch for about $600. It's pricey, but the face revolves to show a real-time display of the position of stars and the sun.  The watch displays 1109 stars (brighter than +4.8 magnitude) and 169 galaxies.  Sorry, but it's only accurate if you are near [...]

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