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With ThinkGeek's costume hoodies, you can have a great Halloween costume without too much work.  They have a variety of designs, from a medieval knight's armor to a ninja to Harley Quinn to the zombie seen above.  Some of the hoodies can be zipped over the face to complete the costume; mesh panels over the eyes and [...]

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The Mac Pro is sleek and beautiful, and it looks great on your desk.  (Click the image for a better view.)  All the peripherals you attach to it may not look so beautiful cluttered around your desk top, though.  Hive73 created a beautiful, compact aluminum deck that neatly arranges those devices to keep your work [...]

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A couple of years back, Julie reviewed Waterfield's Finn wallet and found it to be as great as the Waterfield Catch Wallet that she has used for years.  The Finn  wallets have a zipper that opens up the top and one side for easy access to the cards and cash stored in the two pockets [...]

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Holding an iPad while you watch a movie can be tiresome, and it can be difficult to get it positioned so that everyone can see the screen.  With the Manatee stand, you can set your iPad in any desired position, and it will stay there.  The holder is made of a steel framework that's coated [...]

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The Vitesse Aerator is a two-piece set that was designed with dual functions - to easily decant and aerate wine.  The set consists of a mouth-blown, lead-free crystal decanter and an adapter that fits securely onto both bottle and decanter for a stable, hands-free decanting.  The crystal decanter has a "narrow neck and wide base [...]

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This cute cardboard stand turns your iPad or iPad Air into a retro TV.  The iPad TV Stand measures 14.75" wide X 10.25" tall X 3.25" deep, and it's made of cardboard and comes with complete instructions for assembling it.  Its precision laser-cut fit allows access to the Home button, FaceTime camera, charging connector, headphone jack, and [...]

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If you just want to protect your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from scratches, you probably are looking to find the thinnest case possible.  The Armor Carbon Fiber protectors from BodyGuardz aren't a case; they are a PVC-based film with a carbon fiber texture.  They add almost no bulk to the ultra thin iPhone 6 [...]

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The GoBuddy Charge/Sync Cable + Bottle Opener from Kanex hangs on your key ring or sits in a pocket until you need to charge your device or until you need to open a beverage.  The 1.85" USB cable and the 1.81" device connector cable fold neatly away around the GoBuddy when you don't need them. [...]

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Tokyoflash Japan's latest watch, the Kisai Vortex, has a stainless steel case and band and a concave touchscreen crystal.  Spiraling rings to display the time are "always on", and you can turn on a backlight by touching the crystal.  The outer two rings display the time for one time zone, and the inner two rings [...]

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You won't have to hunt for a vacant AC wall socket when you want to charge your USB-chargeable devices with these high-powered USB charging hubs from VisionTek.  The VisionTek High Power USB Four Port Charging Hub (center) has three 5V/1A ports and one 5V/2.1A port, so you can charge a tablet and three other devices [...]

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The Momax 0.3mm Membrane Case for iPhone 6 will protect your new iPhone from scratches and dust without adding bulk to the svelte device.  It's only 0.3 mm thick, so you'll hardly notice it's there.  Precise fit means all the controls and ports on the iPhone 6 are easily available.  The Momax 0.3mm Membrane Case [...]

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When I lived in a standalone house, I could crank the TV volume loud enough to hear what was being said over the music and background noises.  Now that I live in a condo building, I have to worry about keeping my noise levels down, so I constantly find myself asking "what did he say?" [...]

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This time, you won't be relying on your key fob for the personality, because your keys will be rockin'!  The key blanks you'll find at the Rockin' Keys website look like acoustic or electric guitars in different styles and colors, banjos, or violins.  You won't be limited to selecting just musical instruments, though, because they [...]

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When you travel with your mobile devices, you may carry along your charging cable and AC adapter so you can charge up your device.  Have you ever taken a few minutes to charge up your device between connections or before checking out of your hotel, and finding out later that you grabbed your phone but [...]

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This post is brought to you by eBay. All opinions are 100% mine. September is Emergency Preparedness month, and it's time to think about what you and your family will do if disaster strikes.  Not all emergencies are of the end-0f-the-world or zombie-apocalypse scale.  They can be on a smaller scale, but just as potentially [...]

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QVC's Today's Special Value is Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX bundled with a Belkin case and an Amazon multi-tip Kindle stylus.  The 7" Kindle Fire HDX has a 2.2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, Adreno 330 graphics processor, 7" anti-glare HD color display with 1920 X 1200 resolution and an advanced polarizing filter, unlimited Cloud storage for [...]

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My husband discovered the joys of shaving with vintage double-edged razors and warm shaving cream a few years ago.  He uses an old Gillette "Fat Boy" razor older than he is with Gillette 7 O'clock double-edge blades, and his skin has never been better.  His beard, which used to literally shred the collars of his shirts [...]

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The Triple C Power Purse has a built-in battery and plenty of room to hold a phone or phablet.  The bag has two built-in cables, one USB to charge the hidden, high-capacity internal battery and one USB female plug to attach your device's own cable to.  There's plenty of room inside the 4.5" X 8.75" [...]

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With the Camco "Big Red Campfire" Propane Camp Fire, you can have a fire without having to gather firewood first.  It uses standard LP gas and has a built-in gas regulator with a 10-ft hose.  Camco says the "realistic log pieces and full ring burner help create the natural look and ambiance of wood log [...]

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This mini-tool seems to be made for women, because I don't know many men who wear this type of hair clip.  It looks like a plain hair clip, but the Clippa Mini Tools Clip packs several tools into its small form.  It has screw drivers, wrench, trolley coin, ruler, and a cutting edge.  And it will [...]

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