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It's the middle of October, and my thoughts have turned to all the gifts I have to get before Christmas this year.  While searching for ideas, I saw that LEGO is releasing a 550-piece Beatles' Yellow Submarine set complete with the submarine and all four Beatles plus another figure on November 1 for $60.  (source: [...]

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Julie knows how much I love gadgets - and gadgets for my gadgets.  When Belkin offered The Gadgeteer their new Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone for review, Julie asked if I'd be interested in giving it a try.  I loved the idea of needing only one wall outlet to charge both my [...]

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The Apple Watch Sport doesn't come with a charging case or dock, just a charging cable.  You'll either have to charge your Watch as it lays on a table, putting it at risk of not being seen when you drop something else on the table, or you'll have to purchase a third-party charging stand of [...]

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Back in the summer of 2012, I reviewed the Next Issue magazine app for the iPad.  I had been waiting (not so) patiently for the iOS version since I wrote about the Android version of the app in the spring of that same year.  Next Issue gave you access to digital versions of dozens of [...]

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Lighting in and around your home is very important.  It's needed for ambient lighting, for task lighting, and sometimes just as an interesting accent to add a little light and color.  LOFTEK makes a series of lights that can be used as accent lighting indoors or outdoors.  The lights are available in a variety of [...]

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I found the Spigen Apple Watch Charging Stand while I was digging around on Amazon for Apple Watch accessories.  Before I found this charging stand, my Watch had just been laying on my nightstand to charge at night, and I had accidentally knocked it off a couple of times because I wasn't used to the [...]

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There are a lot of charging stands for the Apple Watch on the market in a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal.  The TimeStand from Just Mobile is a cylinder of high-grade aluminum that will work with any model and any size of Apple Watch.  I was given the opportunity to put the [...]

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While it may look like a tiny plastic iceberg, the Notti Smart Light with Notifications serves many functions.  It is an LED lamp that can produce a million colors, and it can serve as an accent light for your room.  It can put on a light show for you, alert you to messages, and wake [...]

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BiasFX, an iOS app from Positive Grid, promises to turn your iPad into a world-class guitar amp and effects processor. With dozens of high-quality amp simulations, stomp boxes, and rack-like processors, this software aims high.  Does it hit the mark?  This review is guest-written by my husband, Butch, who will help us answer this question. Evaluation Setup: I [...]

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Last December, I reviewed the i-FlashDrive external storage for iOS device from Brando.  It was basically a flash drive that plugged into an iOS device with a Lightning connector to serve as a backup and/or external storage device, and it could work with a computer as a flash drive.  It was a convenient way to [...]

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The Keyport Slide 2.0 already reduces the size of your keychain, but adding these Bolt locks will further reduce the number of keys you need to carry.  Each Bolt lock can be keyed to your car's key, so you can unlock all your Bolt locks with that single key.  You program the lock by inserting [...]

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You always hear that leaving your toothbrush out in the open in the bathroom exposes it to germy spray each time the toilet is flushed.  The charging stand of the TAO Clean toothbrush not only protects the brush from spray, it has a UV light to sanitize the toothbrush as it charges.  The ultrasonic toothbrush [...]

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Just Mobile has announced three new cables that can charge all your mobile devices.  These USB cables have a USB connector on one end and a microUSB connector on the other.  A Lightning connector is permanently tethered to the microUSB end, so you'll never again have to worry about losing those tiny, expensive adapters.  These charge-and-sync [...]

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Well before the actual release of the Apple Watch, CalypsoCrystal added a couple of Watch accessories to their product line.  Their Timeless accessories included a beautiful leather-wrapped arc of a charging stand, which I loved at first sight.  Once I got my Apple Watch, I decided I needed a charging stand, and I was lucky [...]

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With a home theater, you can find yourself swimming in what seems like dozens of remotes.  They are a pain to keep up with, especially when you know you can control everything with a single remote, but those universal remotes can cost a small fortune.  The Pronto Smart Remote can control all your equipment without [...]

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