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Well before the actual release of the Apple Watch, CalypsoCrystal added a couple of Watch accessories to their product line.  Their Timeless accessories included a beautiful leather-wrapped arc of a charging stand, which I loved at first sight.  Once I got my Apple Watch, I decided I needed a charging stand, and I was lucky [...]

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With a home theater, you can find yourself swimming in what seems like dozens of remotes.  They are a pain to keep up with, especially when you know you can control everything with a single remote, but those universal remotes can cost a small fortune.  The Pronto Smart Remote can control all your equipment without [...]

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CTA Digital has Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants inflatable cars designed for children.  (Although it's for kids, it's sturdy enough to support up to 230 pounds.)  The iPad fits into a cradle in the steering wheel, so your child can enjoy hours of pretend racing while playing iPad motion-controlled apps and games.   The car [...]

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I always want to get the newest gadgets, but I want my husband and daughter to have them, too.  That means sometimes I don't get the exact model I want, because I'm buying three devices instead of keeping the entire budget for myself.  So, I have the Apple Watch Sport with the Sport band instead [...]

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Want a wine fridge, but you just don't have room for one in your tiny kitchen?  Well, now you do have room with the Ultra Slim Wine Refrigerator.  Measuring only 37.5" tall x 9.8" wide x 20.25" deep, it can fit in places where standard wine fridges could never fit.  Despite its small size, it has two-zone [...]

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I recently reviewed the MOS Spring Lightning Cable from Sewell, which had metal springs at the junctions between the cable and the Lightning and USB plug ends for extra strength at the most vulnerable points.  I like that cable, and I'm continuing to use it with my iPad.  I just saw the Titan MFi-Certified Lightning Cable, [...]

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With the Savino Wine Saver Carafe, you decant a bottle of wine and then insert the float.  You can serve the wine directly from the carafe without removing the float.  If any wine is left, the float keeps oxygen away from the liquid's surface and keeps the wine fresh for up to a week.  The [...]

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We recently told you about the Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System that lets you make fresh coffee while camping or hiking.  Today we have the Stanley Adventure Two Pot Prep and Cook Set that contains all the cookware you'll need at your campsite.  The Set contains a folding cutting board, two 20oz bowls with lids, one melt-resistant nylon [...]

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You don't need room to store a set of espresso cups and a set of coffee mugs in your kitchen.  The Double Shot Glass Mug serves both purposes.  Each "hand-blown" mug has a 1.5 ounce espresso cup in one end and a 5.5 ounce coffee cup in the other end.  The Double Shot Glass Mug is $13.99 at [...]

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You can forget about giving up your leg room to the tray table in your already cramped airplane seat when you use the Airhook drink and mobile device holder.  Hook the Airhook over the top of the tray and then lock the tray back into its upright position.  Your drink and your tablet or mobile [...]

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