Nuwai Luxeon III TM-303X LED Flashlight

A good flashlight for the ordinary person is like most tools, only appreciated when needed. If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t use a flashlight every day. Or even once a week. But when the need arrises, you’re always happy to have a reliable one at hand. I’m happy to tell you about the TM-303X; a small robust little light from Nuwai, which is available in Black and Titanium finishes.

Lumaray FL6 2006 LED Flashlight

The first Lumaray flashlight I ever reviewed was last year’s FL6.
After completing that review, I fully planned on keeping the torch
and using it for many years to come…but that was not to be. I
made the mistake of showing it to my good friend Grabb, a detective
with the Tom Green County Sherriff’s Department. He convinced me
that he needed it worse than I did. The second Lumaray I reviewed
was the FL12. This flashlight had no sooner shown up at our house
than my husband Steve told me he wanted it as soon as I had
completed the review. Are you noticing a pattern here? Grrrr…

Gadget Brando 4in1 Key Ring LED Light Pen

If you have held off adding a small LED torch to your keyring,
after reading today’s review you may be glad that you waited. We
all know the benefits of having an LED torch where it is always
easily accessible, but the Gadget Brando 4in1 Key Ring LED Light
Pen adds a few extra perks that may make owning one even more

Gadget Brando SOS Rotary Torch

I really enjoy reviewing flashlights that are self-powered, not just because these torches do away with the wasteful need for batteries, but also because I get a kick from seeing the different methods companies dream up to generate the power necessary to make their particular flashlights glow. So far I have reviewed lights that used …

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Brando One Battery Torch

I’m always on the lookout for good flashlights. Living in South Florida has given me a better appreciation for dependable light sources due to our frequent hurricanes and otherwise unreliable electric service. Lately I’ve also found the need for a small light during my normal daily activities, so having one small enough to fit in …

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RotoPower Products RotoGlo LED Flashlight

There are times when not having a flashlight handy can lead to disappointment. For instance, there was the time when Steve, Sarah and I were visiting Volcano National Park. As we were riding down the road toward where the lava flows are located, we made an impromptu stop at what turned out to be the …

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Photon Freedom Micro LED Flashlight

Large flashlights with multiple LEDs, rugged bodies and complex features are wonderful to own – until such time arrives when they are needed but they are not readily accessible. What good is that torch if it is in the owner’s glovebox while the owner is stranded in a dark location? The challenge then, is to …

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Gadget Brando Waterproof Flashlight

Are you the type that is always leaving your tools behind at the scene of a repair? Have you been looking for an inexpensive flashlight that can withstand exposure to water? If so, then you might want to take a look at the Gadget Brando Waterproof Flashlight. Measuring roughly 5″ long x 1.1″ wide x 0.75″ …

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Gadget Brando Hand-Pressing Flashlight

As many of you are aware, I really enjoy doing reviews for torches that use alternate means of power, whether it be shaking or hand cranking. Last year I reviewed the Gadget Brando Battery Free Flashlight, a torch that was powered solely by hand-cranking. Today, I will be taking a look at a similar product …

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