Charge your device with a flashlight, or is it use your charger as a flashlight?

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No matter how you phrase it, the ChargeLight is a backup battery and an LED flashlight in one compact package.  (Click the image for a larger view.)   Charge the ChargeLight on its little dock, and you can use the dock’s USB port to charge up another device at the same time. didn’t include tech specs for the device, but I tracked down the original Kickstarter campaign and learned that the charger’s battery has 2600mAh capacity and provides 5V at 1A charging power; you’ll need to keep this in mind when you decide to charge power-hungry tablets.  BiteMyApple says the built-in LED flashlight is “5X brighter than traditional flashlights and precisely focused with a crisp, even light”; tech specs says it produces 250 lumens.  The ChargeLight sells for $99.99 and starts shipping in September.  (Just a note: BiteMyApple sells only successfully-funded Kickstarter products, so this item is not still in a funding phase. And I assume that the tech specs specified in the Kickstarter campaign are still true of the funded product.)

5 thoughts on “Charge your device with a flashlight, or is it use your charger as a flashlight?”

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  2. This seems brilliant! A charger is something that many people have a daily use for, while a flashlight is something which may only intermittently be needed…but when you need one, you NEED one. This is a very clever way of joining the two, so that you can drop one piece of gear, effectively, from your EDC load. So it’s not enough to charge an iPad…that’s not so bad given its small size.

  3. That’s definitely an awesome piece of tech, although I can’t wait for the day when a charger as small as this can actually power a full size tablet. I seem to have so many ways to power my phone these days, with car chargers and other spares piling up everywhere, but my iPad and Nook HD + still have to wait until I get home unless I happen to remember their adapters.

  4. This intrigues me. I carry a EMT pouch on me at all times. In this pouch is a Leatherman Wave (original), a Maglight 2 cell LED Pro+ (240ish Lumens) and a duel tipped sharpy. (I’m in the IT field, and use them all daily) Would would be awesome, is something the size and shape of the Mag light, which had 2 prongs that flipped out, and a built in Micro and mini USB charger. I would ALWAYS have a charger. It would also of course have to be a flashlight.

    Kickstart time?

  5. @Drew It started out as a Kickstarter project, but it’s in production now. only sells former Kickstarter items that have made it to production. You can order now; it should start shipping in September.

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