WaterField adds two more Finn wallets to their line up

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It’s not news that I love love love WaterField wallets. Just do a search on this site and you’ll find me gushing about them too many times to count. Their wallets are the standard by which I judge all other wallets that I happen to be judging 😉 I recently switched from one of their Catch wallets that I’d been carrying for over 7 years, to their new Finn wallet that I reviewed several weeks ago (see related reviews at the bottom of this post). The Finn was shaping up to be another long term EDC item for me, but then WaterField had to go and screw that up for me by adding 2 more wallets to their Finn line up. They are now offering a size 42 and a size 69 wallet. The size 69 can hold a Samsung Galaxy S4 or an HTC One sized smartphone along with your cash and credit cards. The size 42 Finn has been designed to hold a passport along with cash and cards. Now I want one of each because I’m obsessed. That’s not all, they are also now offering their wallets in 2 new vegan materials: waxed canvas and silver flash nylon. If you’d like to buy one of these new wallets, the prices are $35-$39 and can be ordered directly from WaterField.

7 thoughts on “WaterField adds two more Finn wallets to their line up”

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  2. I’ve had the smallest Finn for a while now, and just ordered the one sized for an iPhone. But in one of those early-AM flashes of insight I realized there is one feature about all of these that is less than functional: the placement of the zipper is such that it opens starting on the long side. That means if I have a phone inside and want to plug in headphones without removing it I must open the entire long side and a bit of the short side to accommodate the headphone jack unless I have a 90-degree angle one.

  3. @Betty that is a very good point and not one I’d ever considered since I would only use the wallet to transport my phone, not use the phone while it’s in it. Maybe you can find a tiny 90-degree angle adapter.

  4. I bought one of these based off Julie’s initial review, and really like it. I don’t carry a phone in it, but it handles all the cards and cash that I used to carry in two separate places.

    One thing I wished that it had was a small reinforced hole in one of the corners, like at the top next to the zipper pull when closed, so that a chain could be run through it. As I hike a lot, having that chain looped to my belt would insure that I wouldn’t lose it when scrambling up a hill or rough-housing with the dogs. Would also be good as an anti-theft device.

    1. @LeoB Take the wallet to a local leather crafter and have them put in a metal reinforced eyelet. I bet it would take less than a minute to do… Another idea would be to get a small jumpring and attach it to the zipper itself and then attach your chain to the jumpring.

  5. Julie: Yep – been planning to do that, but then I’ve been planning to wash the dogs for a while, too. The only decent leather place near me that I would entrust this to, though, is a fair distance away. I thought about the slip ring on the zipper, but my zipper tab is solid – no hole.

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