This Buddy will protect you from the dark

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Several years ago, a terrible storm in Greensboro knocked down a pine tree across the street from us.  The pine took down the power lines, which lit the tree on fire and caused the most incredible noises as the line arced and jumped around.  I knew just where my flashlight was, but was dismayed to find that the batteries died within seconds of turning it on.  I had to hunt for new C batteries by the light of my daughter’s Game Boy, which was harder than you’d think with the hellish noise of the downed line and the game’s 1 lumen of light.  If I had had the Blackout Buddy from Eton, I would have been able easily find my flashlight and would know that the batteries would be charged.  You keep the Blackout Buddy plugged into a power outlet, so the batteries are always charged when you need it.  While it’s plugged in, it can serve as an LED nightlight that turns on automatically when it gets dark to light up hallways, the bathroom, or your kid’s room.  When the power goes out, the Blackout Buddy automatically comes on to serve as an emergency light.  Unplug it from the outlet, fold down the prongs, and you have a 3-LED flashlight with 4 hours of battery life.  You can purchase the Eton Blackout Buddy from Amazon for $12.71 for one or $16.41 for a pack of two.

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  2. I’ve had something like this for ages, and love them. I have never used the night light function on any of them, but that’s just me. (when I want it dark, I want it pitch black)

    (first I had was Ni-Cad/CFL which was a bit heavy)

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