Featured Gadgeteer

Name: Tynan
Location: Somewhere on the globe

I sold it all. The rack with 8 rackmount servers in it, the four robomowers, the two extra laptops, the projector, home theater PC, and the stereo system. Huge bags full of every cable and adapter ever made (in triplicate) were thrown into the trash.

Name: Livy Lee
Location: Singapore

Hi, I am Livy from Singapore. I am a female gadget lover and none of my female friends share the same interests with me.

Name: Nelson Pereira
Location: Portugal

Hi! My name is Nelson Pereira and I’m 27. I live in Portugal near Porto(Port wine anyone?). I’m a swim teacher and a Network engineering student. In my (very rare) free time I like to do some photography.

Name: Richard Raborn MD
Location: Boynton Beach, Florida

I am a 55 year old Internist in Boynton Beach Florida, a volunteer Medical Director at Caridad Center, and am in private practice with MDVIP, and am Chief of Staff at Bethesda Memorial Hospital

Name: Cosimo Bernicchi
Location: Empoli, Italy

My name is Cosimo, I’m 21 years old and I am from Empoli, a little city near Florence in the magnific Tuscany, Italy!! I’m in love with every electronic thing and all my money is spent in computer and electronic stuff!

Name: Kerry Woo
Location: Nashville, TN

Greetings from Nashville, Tennessee where the weather is great and the people are friendly! I’m Kerry and yes, I am a gadgeteer. My friends think because of my Asian roots that it is my cultural duty to perpetuate the Asian stereotype with gadgets in hand, which I don’t deny… just visit Las Vegas during a Consumer Electronics Show. For me it is almost like having a Roots experience. I’ve graduated from anything with a power cord attached to wireless and battery powered gadgets.

Name: Jim Latimer
Location: West Berlin, New Jersey Gadgets… look in the dictionary and my picture is next to the definition. I sometimes say that as long as I keep my hat on, the propeller from the top of my head won’t show too much. ;)

Name: Torsten Kathke
Location: Munich, Germany My name is Torsten, and I have a problem. Too many have suffered around me, and it is time I come forward and admit it. I am a gadgeteer. I have been called one publicly, and I must repent.

Name: Kin Yu Location: Hong Kong Hong Kong, to me and a lot of my neighbors here, is a microcosm of all that is hectic and stressful. Americans would most likely compare it to New York. Having lived and worked in Washington DC and traveling extensively to New York, I can only say that Hong… Read More

Name: Gregory Guida Location: British Channel Islands I started being interested by gadgets more than thirty years ago when the first electronic products appeared. I remember going to school with the first electronic pen watch, pen calculator (stolen from me by a classmate, an event I haven’t got over yet), programmable calculator (a Texas Instrument… Read More

Name: Alan Ng Location: Singapore Hi! I’m Alan from Singapore. I’m 21 years old now. First, I have to say that I’m a gadget freak. My primal obsession with gadgets has made me spend lots of money on them. (Sometimes my mom nags me for that.) Currently on my inventory list, I have gadgets from… Read More

Name: Ruth Bygrave Location: Ipswich, UK My Gadgetary Life… …is a bizarre combination of thrift and extravagance. On the one hand, I’ve only just gone this year from a succession of nameless mongrel PC clones to a pedigree box (Dell); on the other hand, I’m the only person I know with 32mb of memory in… Read More

Name: Shayne Waters Location: Syracuse, NY My birthday was in September, and every year I have this little routine I go through with my mother as far as what I want as a gift. It usually goes something like: “What do you want for your birthday this year?” … And then me responding with a… Read More

Name: Mitchell Oke Location: Australia First of all, I would like to congratulate Julie and Judie for their fantastic site. My interest in gizmos and gadgets has kept me coming to your site daily (or every two days) for the last 3 years. I love new toys. Being 16, the toys I like aren’t the… Read More

Name: Rodrigo Bezares Location: Mexico City My name is Rodrigo Bezares, I’m 19 and I’m from Mexico City. My story as a gadgeteer began some years ago, when I saw a Sony Clie NR70V featured in a Magazine, and after I read all the things that device could do, I bought it, and since I… Read More