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Name: Alan Ng
Location: Singapore

gotm jan 06 1

Hi! I’m Alan from Singapore. I’m 21 years old now. First, I have to say that I’m a gadget freak. My primal obsession with gadgets has made me spend lots of money on them. (Sometimes my mom nags me for that.) Currently on my inventory list, I have gadgets from big to small. They are mostly on my table in my room or lying somewhere in my room.

gotm jan 06 2

My workbench

Currently on my workbench, I place my frequently used gadgets on it. The list is pretty long.

Philips HDD070 2GB Mp3 player
NEC N600i i-mode Handphone (3G)-The clamshell phone
V3 BTH3 Bluetooth earpiece
Nokia 6021
HP PSC 1210
Panasonic RP-HJE50 earphone
External 20GB HDD
Samsung TS-H552U DVD writer in external casing
Sony Clié PEG-TG50
Timex 585 Heart rate monitor
Fossil Big Tic Watch (With matrix style animation)
Belkin 7 port USB 2.0 Hub
Altec Lansing 221 2.1 channel speakers
IBM Thinkpad R40
Microsoft S+arck mouse
Linksys 802.11B PCMCIA Adapter

My other gadgets:

Thomson Alcatel Speedtouch 570 wireless ADSL router (Not in picture)
Sony Cybershot DSC-T5 (Not in picture-I use it to take the shot above!)
Iomega Zip 100 drive

My love for gadgets started way back in around year 2000 when I was 16 years old. I just started working part time after I finish my school leaving exam and as I will be going on to a tertiary institute to further my studies, I thought that something to help me organize myself will be useful. So I looked around and a PDA seems to do the job well. So I got my first gadget, the Sony Clié PEG-S300. I was one of the pioneer user of this PDA in Singapore. It is really useful and it has helped me to keep my schedule and contacts in order. Sometimes, it entertains me as well with games that I have downloaded from the net. It lasted me for years before it retires.

gotm jan 06 3

The PEG-S300-First Clié by Sony

After the PEG-S300, I also play with many other PDAs. Some of the models I have owned previously include the Ipaq 3870 and Toshiba e310. Basically I play with PDAs that run on Microsoft Pocket PC and Palm OS. I also do development of software for PPC in my leisure time using Microsoft Visual Eventually, I changed to a Sony PDA again. This time, the PEG-TG50. It is still serving me well and it is part of my bluetooth personal area network. I call it my mini brain.

Another major asset I have is my trusty laptop. Currently I am using an IBM thinkpad R40. It is currently 3 years old and it is still working well except for its battery which is dead basically. It is my main brain and I use it to surf the web at home on my 802.11B wireless network. Other than surfing the web with it, I also use it for development purpose, entertainment (Music/video etc), synchronising with my PDA and working on projects during my tertiary days. Previously I use a Toshiba Satellite 3000 that lasted me for only 2 years.

Another gadget that I am obsessed with is handphone. I use it everyday and it is always by my side. I started off as a handphone user when I was about 15 years old. Back then, I use an Ericsson 628. (My goodness, that is a dinosaur now!) Few years later I upgraded to a Nokia 8210. Subsequently, I upgraded to an Ericsson T39 with Bluetooth. But as phones get better and better, I find myself caught in this endless chase of technology. I begin to change to phones like Sony Ericsson T310, Sony Ericsson K508i and eventually the Nokia 6021 that I am using now. The Nokia 6021 is an excellent no frails phone. It has Bluetooth, Infra-red, color screen, polyphonic and no camera. I am very happy with it. But recently, a telecommunication service provider in Singapore brought in i-mode from japan and they invite users to participate in the trial. The gadgeteer in me tells me to jump at this opportunity. (I love to be an early adopter.) Therefore I register for the trial and I am selected. They offer me a trial phone for free for this trial and I selected the NEC N600i 3G mobile phone. I have just received this phone not long ago and I am enjoying it so far. Surfing the net on it is fast and i-mode contents are great.

Basically, I love technology and I enjoy the convenience that technology brings. Therefore I will continue to hunt for more gadgets that will help me in my life. Of course, the gadgeteer website is a place where I visit very often to help me with my gadget hunt!

Feel free to drop by at my blog.

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  2. where can i downlaod games playable by my nec n600i when i downlaod games,they cannot read it and i cannot access the i-mode can you help me??

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