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Name: Nelson Pereira
Location: Portugal

gotm jan 07 1

Hi! My name is Nelson Pereira and I’m 27. I live in Portugal near Porto(Port wine anyone?). I’m a swim teacher and a Network engineering student. In my (very rare) free time I like to do some photography. You can see some older pictures here: Now let’s speak of gadgets. To me gadgets are like toys, and boy, how I like to play. Every time I see a new gadget I have two questions in mind. 1) Can I afford it and 2) What excuse do I need to give myself to buy it. With that said my list of gadgets is long (but not much):

gotm jan 07 2

Lets start with computers:
Compaq presario CDTV 528 running SuSE Linux (donated to me)
Toshiba Satellite 1710 CDT (6 year and still kiking, my first laptop)
Dell OptiPlex GX240 with LG Flatron 1510 touch screen (serving as MythTV media center)
Apple PowerBook 12” G4 1.5 Ghz
Generic AMD 2400+ with a Samsung 959 NF 19” CTR (this where I type)

gotm jan 07 5

HP Jornada 720
Palm Tungsten T
Apple Newton MessagePad
Matsucom OnHandPC
Xircom RexPro (to use with the Jornada)

gotm jan 07 3

Media Players:
Welltech mp3 alarm Clock
Apple Ipod 20Gb 3rd Gen (the gorgeous)
Nano ripoff 512mb
SMC Wireless audio Adapter

Portable game Consoles:
Nintendo Gameboy pocket
Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Sony Playstation Portable

gotm jan 07 4

Random gadgets:
Belkin Anywhere Power Inverter
Magellan GPS 320
Polar S625X training Computer
Tivoli Audio Model one (the best radio (my) money can buy)
Bluespoon AX Bluetooth headset (earset)
SonyEricsson V800 Mobile Phone
MacFer 5 Led Lamp (everybody loves LEDs)
ColdHeat Soldering Iron
Wifi Detector
Minolta Dimage Z1

Hope you enjoy my little list of gadgets. I still don’t have a laser pointer because I want a green or blue one…:P But gadgets means nothing if do not do anything more with the other. Always try to think you can do for other and no the opposite. So I send the best regards to everybody from sunny Portugal and as we say here: Até Breve! (see you soon).

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14 thoughts on “Read About Featured Gadgeteer – Nelson Pereira”

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  2. Hey it is great seeing an article about a “medical gadgeteer” :rolleyes: I would love to hear more about what technology other folks in health care are using in acute care and other areas. As a recent RN transfer from the peds ICU to informatics, it has been a great experience working to capture the care that we perform on a daily basis and translate that into an interactive electronic medical record.

    FYI: PDAs that I have owned…Casio B.O.S.S., E10, EM 500 (the beloved brick), Ipaq 3765, 3900, Axim x50.

  3. Heart Health 4 all

    If you like medical gadgets then you should check out ReadMyHeart at
    This is the manufacturer’s website, they don’t sell it. Their info is pretty minimalist but the core of it is interesting: they have an OTC EKG. They have a full line of pal size lead 1 EKG, but there is one available to the public.

    I do think one of the distributors has more info,

    They say it’s the “1st and only FDA approved heart function monitor for OTC use”. It’s really small and weighs 4oz, and as far as I can tell, it’s pretty accurate. It records the heart’s electrical activity through the thumbs, but they have the standard electrode extension for optimum accuracy. Plus, they let people see the trends in their heart parameters over time, which prevents the “oh-my-G** what’s that reading” which people used to have with blood pressure.

    Check it out! I think there are a lot of medical gadgets out there that are awaiting to be discovered!

  4. I discovered HeartMath in 1997. I had been experiencing many life threatening illnesses during the previous several years, including a couple of heart attacks, a burst artery in my heart and a triple bypass. Learning and practicing HeartMath’s tools and technologies literally saved my life. If you are interested in learning more about how HeartMath*can enable you to prevent, manage and reverse the effects of stress in your life, in-the-moment to achieve better health, more energy and improved mental and emotional clarity, and learn about their emWave Personal Stress Reducer, please go to

  5. HEY Livy Lee the featured Gadgeteer of the Month is so cool!!!
    How do I get her email address?

  6. Hi Nelson. I saw that you have a WELLTECH cube MP3/Clock. I have acquired one without an instruction manual. Could you please email me how to operate it. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Cherrie

  7. Hello, I have a problem. Can you please… please help me?
    I removed the software on my welltech mp3 alarm clock by mistake. I thought I had a copy of the software on Time machine. But Alas! No copy! Would you be so kind to make a copy for me and send it to my e-mailaddress?? You should be able to copy the software (the disk) using disk utilities (Macos X)
    Thank you very much in advance!!!

  8. Hello,
    first time I have to say sorry for my bad English!
    I have a big request, I bought the welltech mp3 alarm clock a few days ago at Toom-Marked here in Germany and I have lost the user-manual.
    Now I have searched in the internet but I am not able to find something.
    Is it perhaps possible to send me the user manual with email?
    Thank you,
    with best regards

  9. hi
    I have the welltech clock too, but I have problems to start it… I can hear the mp3 with the audio player in it but it doesen’t start as a ringtone!I hope you can help me and I hope that you can understand my terrible english!
    Thank you very much and best wishes from germany.

  10. hi there,iv also got welltech alarm clock cube,iv not used it for long time can u if u got the send me the drivers and anything on the software side,would love to get it working again,

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