Sena Cases LeatherSkin Case for Treo 680

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I have owned almost every wireless-capable Palm/Treo since the days of
the Vx and Omnisky. The routine is always the same, quick, buy the
newest Palm Phone when it comes out, laugh at everyone else who can’t
buy one because they are sold out, and then spend the next few weeks
deciding if it needs a case and what case to buy.

This time around, it was the new Treo 680, Palm’s “Treo for everyone”.
The new Treo is very cool, but this review is about a case for it!
So, online I went, looking for comments, checking the companies I
have purchased from before, E & B Cases, Krusell, Palm, etc. I
looked at the Vaja cases, which are amazing, but too expensive for
this Treo. I happened upon
Hmm, a Sena Case, it looks nice in pictures, is reasonably priced
for the clipless version (my Treo hides in the pocket of my jeans…)
I decided to order one, and in a few days, it arrived!

The case came carefully packed and inside a nice box with a cloth pouch.
This Sena Cases place is a class act, very nicely packaged product.
You have a choice of colors, and since my Treo 680 is crimson
(actually a flat red with a bit of carbon black mixed in, very, very
cool color), I decided that a dark brown case would look nice, and be
easy to keep clean, vs. a tan case. Wow, the color combination
really works! The front of the case is open, allowing easy access to
the keyboard and touch-screen. The leather covers the edges of the
Treo to help thwart those annoying little dings and scratches.

The case is finished beautifully, and the brown leather really sets off the Treo. Stitching is nicely done and there is a small flap at the top that snaps to hold the Treo in place. The flap covers part of the IR port and leaves the mute button accessible.

On the left side, you have openings for the volume buttons and the programmable hot button.

On the right side, the leather covers the Treo completely, providing a nice grip and very good feel. I ride the subway a lot and am always pulling the Treo out to check my schedule, or change what music I am listening to, so having a case that is a bit grippy is a good thing.

The back of the case covers the Treo battery cover and has access ports for the camera and the external speaker. The Sena logo is embossed nicely at the bottom.

One of the problems with many Treo cases is access to the Palm universal connector. SenaCases addresses this quite well, with a generous opening at the bottom for microphone, power, sync and headphone connectors. The Palm power connector inserts easily and stays put. I have not tried any cradles with the case installed, so not sure how well that would work.

I have had my Sena Case about a week now, and I have to say that I love it. It works well, keeps the Treo protected and looks very stylish. The added bonus of being able to order one without a belt clip helps to maintain the Treo 680’s thin form factor and makes sliding the whole package into your pocket a breeze. Overall, I think this case is a good choice for a conscientious Treo owner who wants a case that leans more towards style and ease of use vs. ultimate protection.

I liked the case so much, I ended up ordering two leather pouches from SenaCases for my Samsung I320 and Pentax Optio Digital Camera. Both arrived recently and are of similar quality to the Treo case. It should be noted that the new Treo 750v uses the same form factor as the 680, so the Sena Case should work for it too.

Price: $39.99 – $49.99 depending on the leather style and belt clip options. Available Leather with or without belt clip: Black, Tan, Blue, Red, Brown (the case I ordered), Magenta, Green, Orange, Croco Black, Croco Tan and Croco Red.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Sena Cases
  • Elegant design
  • Nice stitching
  • Beautifully finished leather
  • Fits well in pocket and in hands
  • All cutouts for Treo
  • Top corners of Treo are exposed
  • Not much shock protection in the event of a drop

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