Spleash leash review – A dog leash with built-in doggy hydration

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REVIEW – I don’t know about other dog owners, but I have dogs who love water on walks and it is never an easy task.  You are either carrying water bottles with collapsible water bowls or if you are like me, making sure your walking path goes by that house that always has their sprinklers going.  So when I heard I had an opportunity to review a product that might help make this issue a little easier, I was excited to sign up and try out the Spleash!

What is it?

Spleash is a spray leash handle attachment for your favorite leash.  You simply attach the Spleash to your leash and instantly have the ability to offer hydration to your pup during your walks as well as have access to a protective non-aggressive spray trigger that could help protect against off-leash animals.

What’s in the box:

  • The Spleash unit
  • Instructions

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The Spleash leash holds up to 12 ounces of water and includes a spray feature, plus a built-in, flip-open water bowl.  By adding the Spleash to your existing leash, it allows you access to fill the water bowl to give your pet a drink, use the spray feature for quick hydration or to protect against unwanted advances from other animals on walks.

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Loading your lead into the Spleash leash, might be the only struggle you will have using this product, but overall it is a fairly easy process.  Remove the CAM by pressing both CAM buttons.  Lay your leash flat along the empty well.  Line up the colored dots on the removable CAM with the colored dots in the well.  Replace the CAM by depressing the silver pins and sliding them along the grooves until you hear that magic “CLICK”.  Check out the video to see how simple it is to attach the Spleash to the leash.

It is recommended that Spleash be loaded around 6-8 inches away from the loop on the end of the leash. This is to insure that your pet has room to roam, it is in a comfortable position to hold and most importantly allows you to still place your hand through the loop of the leash as well as holding the Spleash.  A great safety tip, if for some reason you lose your grip on the Spleash, you will still have control of the dog with the leash loop.

Filling up the Spleash leash with water is as easy as opening up the water plug and putting under the faucet to fill with fresh water.

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Now that you have loaded your leash and filled up the Spleash with fresh water, it is time to walk.  The Spleash has a simple flip-open drinking cup and can be used and filled in two separate ways.  Option 1 (The simple way): Flip open the cup, push the spray trigger 10-15 times and your pup can enjoy a nice sip of water.  Option 2: Hold the Spleash so the water plug is facing the sky, remove the water plug, flip open the cup, slowly tilt the Spleash downward and the water will fill the cup.  When finished with option 2, tilt the Spleash leash slowly upwards in order to return the unused water back into the Spleash.

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Another feature of the Spleash leash spray trigger is that when the flip-open cup is not out it can be used as a sprayer.  It is your own water gun on your walk.  You can use the spray feature for a quick squirt of water on the pups paws to help keep their feet cool on hot days or to clean off grass before loading them back in the car.  You could also use the 14-foot protective spray as a non-aggressive deterrent for off-leash animals that may come your way.  No, this will most likely not stop an attacking animal, but it could give you those extra seconds you need to protect yourself and pup.

Now that you know how simple it is to use, you might want to know about how to care for your Spleash after and in-between uses.  Make sure that you empty all water prior storing and leave the water plug open so that it can dry out inside between uses.  When cleaning your Spleash, it is recommended to avoid putting it in the dishwasher and clean using soap and warm water.  It is also recommend to avoid using any harsh chemicals on the Spleash.

What I like:

  • Simple to use
  • Fits most standard size leather, rope, or nylon leashes
  • Allows you to fill it up with as much water as you need, up to 12 ounces.
  • Does not leak while walking

What I’d change:

  • I found rope leashes to be a tight fit for the CAM roller and didn’t always “click” right away
  • Include an option to add a leash to your purchase

Final thoughts

The Spleash leash is an affordable option to add to your existing leash.  Overall, I found the Spleash to be a great product to make sure you are keeping your pooch hydrated and could help protect them from off leash animals humanely.  I would recommend any dog owner to Spleash your leash!

Price: $34.99
Where to buy: Spleash.com
Source:  The samples for this review were provided by TAIL CHASERS LLC.  For more information, visit their site.

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