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Name: Rodrigo Bezares
Location: Mexico City

My name is Rodrigo Bezares, I’m 19 and I’m from Mexico City.

My story as a gadgeteer began some years ago, when I saw a Sony Clie
NR70V featured in a Magazine, and after I read all the things that
device could do, I bought it, and since I bought it, I totally fell in
love with gadgets.

Then I began to buy more and more gadgets, the pda’s I’ve own are:
Clie NR70V, Clie TG50, pa1mOne Tungsten T, pa1mOne Tungsten T3,
pa1mOne Zire 71, Clie UX50, iPaq rx3715, iPaq h4150.

I was interesed not only in pda’s of course, so I bought a 40 gb 3rd
gen iPod and I began to buy some cellphones, for example the Startac
(do u remember it?!), and then, when SonyEricsson T68i hit the market,
I bought it and now I’m “married” with SonyEricsson (hehehe) they are
pretty phones full of technology…and every year when my carrier plan
ends, I always ask for the newest SonyEricsson phone.

gotm sept 05

I have some other “gadgets”, for example, the bluetake bluetooth
adapter for wireless printing, which is very helpful because I do not
have to turn on the pc for printing my documents or homeworks, with
that adapter I can make my homeworks and print them directly from my
actual pda (iPaq h4150).

I have had problems with my girlfriends beacuse of this addiction,
why? because they really get jealous ’cause everyday I carry my
gadgets with me and they always tell me: “Oh Rod, why don’t you marry
with one of your gadgets, you love them more than me!!!”

In my school, I’m called “the computer guy” because I always have a
technological solution for every problem.

I was a staff member of (the number one mexican source
for pda’s and technology) and I liked it a lot, but there was a
problem and I quit, a sad thing….

I like to go to the malls and see the technology departments of every
store and then I save money for the gagdet I liked the most of all the

My mother and my father always are telling me that being the way I am
is bad (gadget addict) because I spend my money on gadgets instead of
spending it in clothes or in the movies, etc,… but I don’t think so

Well, I have to go, the school is waiting for me….

In conclusion, gadgets are the best thing in this life!!!!….. (joking) :-b

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