The new Zanco tiny phone is slightly less tiny to fit a bunch of new features

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – Do you remember the Zanco tiny t1 phone that I reviewed last year? Well, Zanco is back with a bigger (but not too much bigger), better tiny phone – the t2.

What is it?

Zanco says that the t2 is the world’s smallest 3G smartphone. I’m not sure I would consider it a smartphone, but it’s definitely small at a pocket-friendly 2.4″ x 1.18″ x 0.65″ (H x W x D)!

Why do I like it?

I like this phone because it’s a useful novelty. Let’s not kid ourselves, you won’t want to use this phone as your primary phone, but you can use it for those times when you don’t want to carry a bulky full-sized phone, but you still want some useful features like a built-in 0.3 megapixel camera that captures pics and video, an FM radio, MP3 and MP4 media file player, 3.5mm headphone jack, micro SD card slot, alarm clock, calendar, SOS feature, talk, text…

…and it even plays retro games. Yes, you can play games like Tetris, Snake and Doodle Jump which come pre-installed along with 7 other games. You’re going to need tiny fingers, but this just adds to the novelty of this phone.

Where can I find more info?

The Zanco tiny t2 campaign ends on 2/11/20 and they are working towards their funding goal of $10,000. You can pre-order a Zanco tiny t2 starting at $59. After the Zanco campaign ends, rewards are estimated to start shipping in April 2020. Visit their Kickstarter page for all the details.

4 thoughts on “The new Zanco tiny phone is slightly less tiny to fit a bunch of new features”

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  2. The t2 Zanco tiny phone uses the 3G network on t mobile but I understand the 3G is being eliminated one day soon. Yes or No

    1. This is true, Lenny. A few months ago my carrier, AT&T, sent me a 4G phone, an Alcatel U102AA, also known as the Cingular Flip Phone because they discontinued their 3G service. I can still use the old phone for alarms, contact storage, etc., but no calls in or out–unless it is still required to be able to dial 911 without any plan, which is a Federal requirement for all cellphones, but I haven’t dialed 911 to see.

  3. Lenny , here’s a followup: the old 3G phone which AT&T replaced for me says “Emergency Calls Only” displayed on the home screen, so even 3G on a cellphone with no plan or minutes can dial 911.

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