Put your Pedaling to Good use with the ECOXPOWER Headlight + Smart Phone Charger

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If I was a bicycle enthusiast, I’d be all over the ECOXPOWER from ECOXGEAR. It’s a pedal powered front / rear headlight for your bike that can also charge your USB devices. As it is, I don’t ride bikes because I have bad knees. Or that’s what I tell people. Actually, I don’t ride bikes because I’m lazy… and I have a car. But seriously, the ECOXPOWER looks like a pretty cool device that uses a universal hub mounting bracket that fits most standard and oversized wheel hubs. As you roll down the road, the device generates power that charges an internal lithium ion battery that is used for the LED headlight and to power your connected USB device. Also included is a water-resistant touch-screen friendly handlebar case for your smartphone, GPS, etc. The ECOXPOWER is available now for $99.99.

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  2. I remember being FASCINATED by a pedal powered light on my dad’s bike, this would have been in the 70’s/early 80’s. Looks remarkably similar to this. Mind you, it didn’t have a USB port 🙂

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