Yarna CWD30 capacitive electronic water descaler system review

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capacitive electronic water descaler system

REVIEW –  Our house water is so hard. How hard is it? Our house water is so hard, even Chuck Norris avoids it. Ok, so I don’t know Mr. Norris, but we have some of the hardest city water around. The limescale has left its mark on our shower doors, glasses, dishes, and even our skin. Enter: the Yarna capacitive electronic water descaler system to save the day. Let the battle begin.

What is it?

The Yarna water descaler system is an electronic device that is attached externally to the main water pipe in your home. It uses a high-frequency modulated electromagnetic field to change the behavior of the water flowing through the pipe. This change results in significantly less hard water build-up.

What’s in the box?

-Yarna CWD30 Capacitive electronic water descaler

-4 zip ties

-2 mounting screws with drywall brackets

-Instruction booklet

Design and features

The Yarna CWD30 model is colored a sleek black with copper conduit protruding from each end. The capacitive quality of the Yarna uses the water to transmit energy directly to the limescale as opposed to an electromagnetic field that wastes energy or a salt-based water softener. Softeners can be effective, but because they replace the minerals with salt, they can be very corrosive to appliances. Additionally, there is no dependence on an optimal water speed like there is in the other two systems.

Installation and setup

No need to phone the Mario brothers, folks. Installation can be accomplished by anyone in the Toad Kingdom. To begin, you will need to have access to a household outlet. The six-foot power cord eases this task, but it is something to be mindful of. You will want to install the unit as close to the water main as possible so that all the water entering the system is treated.

Employing two of the provided zip ties, we chose to mount the unit directly to the pipe. The included mounting screws and brackets allow the option of mounting the unit to the wall if that works best for you.

Once you have the unit mounted, the copper conduit needs to be wrapped around the pipe on both sides of the main unit. See the instruction booklet for exact placement. This step looks complicated, but the design of the device makes it very easy and intuitive.

With the conduit wrapped, it is secured with the provided zip ties. The final step is plugging it in, and we are done! The manufacturer states that it takes about 72 hours for the newly treated water to fully circulate. The size of your dwelling will affect this approximation.

What I like

  • The overall design: it is very unobtrusive and lightweight
  • The ease of installation: it took longer to take photos for this review than it did to install
  • The results: it has noticeably improved our water quality

What I’d change

  • Increase the length of the power cord
  • Include a testing strip for proof the unit is working

Final thoughts

The big question is: does they Yarna capacitive electronic water descaler system work? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, it does work. We have noticed a marked difference. There is appreciably less hard water residue on our glassware after the suggested 72 hours. To test for my review, I collected 3 tablespoons of water from my tap pre- Yarna installation and 3 tablespoons of water from my tap post- Yarna installation then let the water evaporate. What I’ve noticed is that while there is still a bit of hard water residue (again just after 72 hours) it is considerably easier to clean it off. It’s almost powdery versus cemented to the glass.  Additionally, my partner has sensitive skin and noticed he doesn’t feel as, “crackly” as he usually does. The manufacturer claims that this device can save up to $1000 per year in wear and tear on appliances and I believe it after replacing the 4th showerhead in as many years due to the hard water. The simple installation can make it seem too good to be true but the proof is in the faucet.

Price: $339.97
Where to buy: Yarna and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Yarna.

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  2. We are getting ready to move into a new home and have a place for a water softener. I am really interested in this device as it would save a ton of money on buying a softener and on salt. I need to see if there are reviews comparing it to softeners. We are in a rental right now that has nothing and I can totally tell a difference in how much shampoo and soap I need. Plus I can tell my hair is limper than it usually is.

    1. First congratulations on the new home, how exciting! In terms of the Yarna, I can say it really does make a difference. We’ve had it for a couple of months now, and it does make cleaning everything much easier, the glass shower doors, the dishwasher runs better with less soap, even the fridge water dispenser has had noticeably less build up. I would say have the water tested in your new home to see what level of softening, or conditioning would be best for the area. Since ours is city water, we kind of knew we would always be in for a battle with lime scale. This doesn’t eradicate it completely but it does make a big difference to us. I’d love to hear an update with what you end up choosing and congratulations again!

  3. We did a major gut job reno on our townhome which included replacing all kitchen and bath appliances, fixtures and water heater. This is without a doubt the single most important thing we’ve done to combat our hard FL water. This device has literally stopped the accumulation of mineral deposits dead in their tracks. I’m so glad we did not go the water softener route because of the costs and space loss associated with that system. The plumber who installed the water heater said he didn’t understand why more people don’t get capacitive descalers because of how well they work. It might be that we’re able to notice the difference even more because of the newness of the fixtures, sinks, etc., as opposed to seeing if a badly scaled fixture is getting cleaner–all I know is this is the best $300 you can spend to stop the problem. The science behind electronic descalers is simple, yet brilliant.

  4. Is this unit safe to use with my water heater?
    My water heater has a “water heater expansion tank” attached to the pipe going into the water heater.

    1. Hey Y. Kano, honestly I don’t think I could say because my knowledge on water heaters and their pipes is limited. However, the company has both an email ( [email protected] , and a customer service number 1(302)231-1338 ) that should be able to assist!

  5. I cant understand about waiting for 72 hours…
    What will change? Nothing i think.
    We talk about circulating water, countiuously coming fresh water…not the water in the bottle.

    Thanx for any explanation.

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