iOS 5 makes me want to dump my Droid X

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Last August I made the decision to break up with AT&T and my iPhone 4 in order to start a new relationship with Verizon and the Motorola Droid X. Although I’ve enjoyed the Android OS and the Droid X more than I thought I would, I’ve continued to miss things about the iPhone. Some of those things include the overall smoothness of the OS, availability of accessories, the camera, and apps. When the iPhone came to Verizon, I wasn’t all that tempted to switch back. But lately that’s changed. It all started with Janet’s review of the White iPhone 4. It made me wistful for an iPhone again. Although I haven’t had any problems with my Droid X and like it well enough, I guess I’ve just become a little bored with it. Even with the recent upgrade to Gingerbread, Android just doesn’t excite me much any more. But, when I checked to see how much it would cost me to buy a Verizon iPhone 4, I about fainted at the $749.99 price tag. Yowch!

Then I got the idea that I could sell my AT&T iPhone 4 to get some cash for a Verizon iPhone 4. I googled several buy back sites and found the typical payout for a very good condition 32GB iPhone 4 was around $350 or so. Then I stumbled upon the fact that Amazon has a Trade-In store. I sent them my iPhone 4 and they gave me a $485 gift certificate. Nice!

That was a few weeks ago and I haven’t yet purchased a Verizon iPhone 4. Why? I kept talking myself out of it for the main reasons that I love Android:

1. With Android, you never have to sync with a laptop or desktop computer for OS updates
2. With Android, you don’t have to futz around with syncing apps between multiple devices using iTunes

Then on Monday we all learned from Apple’s WWDC that iOS 5 would resolve both of those issues. Yay! So, I’m now back to being very tempted to order a Verizon iPhone 4 and installing the beta of iOS 5. What’s stopping me? The impending drop of the iPhone 5… It has to be announced any day now right? I know as soon as I buy the 4, the 5 will be released… it never fails 😉 Decisions, decisions… Any one else in the same boat that I’m in?

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  2. My suggestion: Root your Droid X and use titanium backup to get rid of all of the crappy bloatware and blur, then use Launcher Pro. I saw a drastic difference in smoothness, and now I never have any problems with my phone. Then I upgraded to the awesome dual core Droid X2 and did the same thing. Root, remove crap, use Launcher Pro, and now I don’t see a reason to change devices for a long long time being as this device flys on everything it does, and its soooooo sexy! 😀

    iOS 5 is appealing, but with all of the awesomeness that comes with Android and the upcoming OS v3.1 for phones, I see no reason to switch! 😀

  3. I wonder if iOS 5 would be too bloated for the iphone 4 to run smoothly. I remember when they did that major iOS update back then, it made my iphone 3G unbearable. So I wonder how well iOS 5 will run on the “old” iphone 4 hardware.

  4. Julie, Good for you to try it out with Android and Apple smartphones. I am big fan of Apple for a long time… I got upgraded to G2X ( no more classic sidekick- T-mobile shut down 5/31/11). Anyway, I tried it out with Android OS and it was very cool I like it BUT the battery sucks so bad…. I realized Apple iOS function is so much better and retained ” quality ” over quantity. I have iPod 4th generation. Im waiting for new one to come out iPhone 5 then I will give it to my folks G2X to contact me via facetime video since I am deaf user. Let’s HOPE Apple will surprise us with ” Liquidmetal ” super battery on next iphone 5/6. Can’t waitttttttt……. 🙂

  5. I have been using my EVO now for almost a year (this July will be a year) after I dumped my Iphone 3g. I also went from ATT to Sprint with the transition. So far I can honestly say I really don’t miss any of the apps from Apple. I too hate how it forces you to use Itunes to sync everything. I think part of the main reason I dumped the iphone was I was afraid of getting completely trapped into all things Apple. I would end up buying all my music, movies, tv shows from them and be stuck there forever. I can say for sure I know ibooks are definitely overpriced when compared to Amazon. I am a heavy MS Exchange user due to work and always had issues with merging the calendar and email between iTunes and Exchange.

    The other thing that keeps me from going back to Apple is the monthly cost (Verizon or ATT) is so much higher than what I am paying now on Sprint. I am getting unlimited data, unlimited text and 450 land line minutes (almost everyone i call is mobile so this is not an issue) for only 79 a month. If I switched i would be forced to a data limit and certainly be paying more a month for the iphone. I am going to hold off and wait for the new Android OS that is supposed to show up at the end of the year that unifies the OS across all devices and see how that goes.

  6. I thought about the same thing, and I caved.

    I got rid of my Droid X and got a white 16 gig iPhone 4 yesterday, after thinking about the iOS 5 announcement.

  7. I’ve been rocking my OG droid since launch day back in ’09. It’s rooted, running gingerbread, overclocked, and is basically 10 times better now than when I bought it. I must admit though, iOS5 is finally starting to tempt me towards the future iphone 5. I love the hardware accelerated UI, and now apple is copying some of the features that made android better IMO, so I think I might ditch the droid later this year.

  8. I think, how much different can the iPhone 5 be? And if you know it’s coming soon, why not wait? First the iOS 5 has to be available plus you gotta actually get an iPhone 4, which could take some time. By the time you do all that, you will have seen the 5 and know when it is coming. The thing is, how much is that one gonna cost if the iphone 4 is 700+ dollars now? I think I would just wait and see what the 5 is talking about. And yes I agree with you that Android is boring. Always has been in my opinion. love the customization options but… I don’t want another Android.

  9. Hmm. Where is a good place to buy a used iphone 4? (AT&T). I want to get one to replace my work blackberry.

  10. There is still hope Julie. I also bought a Droid (Incredible) back in August, and quickly got bored with it. It got so bad that I quit carrying it, and it just sat unused at home. I finally called last month, and told Verizon I just didn’t need it. I agreed to pay the $270 ETF, and that was that. The day my service was to be turned off, I got a phone call from Verizon’s winback/customer retention dept. They asked me what it would take to keep me as a customer. I told them I was an iPhone user, and just didn’t care for the Droid much. I also told them that the customer service rep told me I would have to pay full retail for the iPhone at a cost of $749.99. I told the retention guy I would just be happy using my out of contract 3GS with at&t for a bit longer. He put me on hold for about three minutes, came back on, and told me he was authorized to waive my ETF, cancel my old contract at no charge, and sell me whatever phone I wanted for the 2 year price. They didn’t even want the Droid back. I got the iPhone 4 32GB for $299, didn’t have to pay for the next day Fed Ex, nor did they charge me the activation. I sold the Droid to a buddy, and came away from the deal paying practically nothing out of my pocket. I was nothing but pleased with Verizon’s willingness to make me a happy customer, and I shall stay with them for a very long while because of it.

  11. Oh, and I’m still not under a contract with my 3GS, so when the iPhone 5 drops, if it is a significant change, I’ll just swoop it up under at&t. Dilemma solved!

  12. Given then iOS 5 update basically just adds all the features android has had for a couple of years now, why pin hopes on a phone that may or may not disappoint (iPhone 5)? Just get a Samsung Galaxy S 2 and be done with it.

    It’s like windows vs mac all over again. SJ doesn’t seem to learn from past mistakes.

  13. I have my DROID x and I have no complaints had it since it launched. Never considered an I phone once. Not even when I was with t mobile with the mytouch. Don’t even have intention to upgrade to droidx2 until the next model comes and hopefully they have the front facing camera. By then.

  14. Every time I even consider moving to an iPhone all I have to do is compare mobile safari to the Android browser with Flash and the thought ends. I do agree however, that the Android phone manufacturers need to focus on battery life. All of the iOS devices are basically tiny circuit boards surrounded by battery.

    I also expect were going to be hearing more about the new Android version pretty soon…it’s still a pretty young OS and has iOS copying many of it’s features as upgrades in version 5.

    Being done with iTunes…which is just horrid on a Windows machine will be a big step forward. Their cloud might also be a strong offering.

  15. If you’re going to go back to iPhone, I’d wait for the next one. iOS 5 isn’t due until fall, and I think the next model will probably be out by or around then.

  16. I forever fail to understand the attraction of the white phone (or Apple’s other sterile white shiny devices). And the attraction is almost always conceptual since the phone owner encases that sleek white shiny device in a protective case. Reminds be of my grandfather who had his car seats wrapped in vinyl. Looked and felt nasty, but he never got a stain on the seat.

    Really, I don’t miss anything about my iPhone except for a couple of apps that haven’t crossed over. Adroid will up the ante in short order. I guess it’s okay to play the raven and be enthralled by the shiniest new thing, but my Droix X works, works reliably and well, and I’m just not attracted to Apple’s antiseptic products and it’s “walled garden” anymore.

  17. @ the author: Wait a minute. You changed your mind about your Droid X after seeing the White iPhone 4? LOL! You’re absolutely right – you should go back to Apple. I’m proud to say that Android will never be the device you find ‘perfect.’ (Thank God!)

  18. Android is much more powerful.
    Magical ios4 didn’t stop Android last year.
    Magical ios5 will do nothing this year.

    I want HTC Sensation 4G.
    +I want Android 4.0

  19. I was in the same dilema as you Julie about a year ago – bit the bullet and bought out my VZW contract to go back to AT&T. Just something about the iPhone that I liked better.

    After the hype and the announcements on Tuesday, I bit the bullet again, dropped $99 on the Developer fee so I could get access to the iOS5 beta. I have to say, that it is a game changer.

    I don’t much care who “invented” some of these features first – Android, WP7 etc – the point for me is, Apple adopted them and they work great. So many little tweaks and enhancements beyond the 10 that they focused on during the announcement. It’s just a better phone than it was – plain and simple.

    Although I’m running a beta – it’s VERY stable. Battery life is pretty much unchanged as far as I can tell, and about 99% of the features work fine. Have found a couple of apps that crash or don’t work – but nothing that has impacted my ability to use my phone as a daily device.

    There are plenty of threads out there telling folks how to upgrade without paying the Dev fee – and I’m sure that works for many, but for me – I wanted to be legit, have access to future betas as they are released through the summer and for the cost of $8/mo it seemed to make good sense.

    You’ve been a gadget head long enough to know that gadget preferences are entirely personal. What is the perfect device for 1 person isn’t always right for others – but if you want an answer to the question – does iOS5 dramatically improve the iPhone? I’d have to say 100% yes!

  20. Like you I got a Droid phone…..but it wasn’t the iPhone that i’d had wanted for so long. My Env3 had died but the iPhone 4 hadn’t hit Verizon yet so Droid 2 became my new phone using hubby’s upgrade.

    I thought that since it was a smartphone that my iPhone envy would cease as I heard how nice the Droid phones were and the Android system was. I was wrong.

    I still had iPhone envy…made even worse now that Verizon had the iPhone. But do I wait for the 5 or go for the 4?

    After going on my 3rd Droid (now a Droid 2 Global) because the camera broke on the 1st after only a month, the 2nd phone’s speaker stopped working after a week and the 3rd phone like to re-boot itself at in-opportune times. It then crashed on me and I lost my entire calendar and had to rebuild it. A rep said a full factory reset will solve the reboot issue (it did) but having to rebuild 6 months of my calendar was the pits as this did not back up. Long story longer….everytime I would go to use my phone the stress of wondering whether it would re-boot on me or crash wasn’t worth it. I sold it (got double what I paid for it) and got the iPhone using my upgrade that was available.

    I can say it was the best thing. I really now don’t care about the iPhone 5 because everything changes so fast that I realized even if I waited for the 5 i’d be wondering about the 6 and does it ever really end? No. Got the iPhone 4 and have had a blast with it. Having to use iTunes doesn’t bother me but we are a MAC family anyway after dumping the Windows PC’s because of Vista. We love our iMac, Macbook laptops and iPad’s. Everything just works. And my contacts, notes, calendar all sync with my laptop so now matter where I am at home or out I can pull them all up and know I have the latest updates on both (important since i’m a busy mom w/2 teenagers and schedules that change rapidly!)

    There will always be new, better, faster…..and always after you just buy the current thing. I decided to get what i’ve always wanted – an iPhone 4. And I love it.

    BTW: DO NOT go to the Verizon store – you’ll pay a bundle tax on the retail price of the phone – not the $199 that you actually pay. Instead go to Sam’s Club or Walmart and get your phone. As a bonus for you Walmart has/will be putting the iPhone 4 on sale for $147 for the 16gb. If that doesn’t tempt you to jump ship from Android…..

  21. Chris, your post reminded me of my experience w/ my Droid2. Had the same issue with sporadic lockups and spontaneous reboots. After a bunch of headaches and at least 1 swap for a “new” phone, I discovered that it was actually a bad app that was causing the problem. If I remember right, it was Craig’s Phone – a craig’s list app.

    That was the other thing that tipped me back toward the iPhone. Say what you will about the closed system, gestapo Apple tactics, censorship or whatever else – the truth is, when you download an app from the App store, it’s been tested, vetted and you have a pretty reasonable assumption that the app will work, and do exactly what it is supposed to. You can’t honestly say that about Android apps – and now, with the marketplace fragmentation (Google, Amazon etc) I believe there are 3 or 4 places to get Android apps, as well as the ability to download and install apps from individual sites.

    Definitely a double edged sword.

  22. I used to have an iphone 3G and switched to the Droid X. I have had the X since release and also have a 4th Generation ipod touch. Both devices sit on my nightstand each night and I haven’t picked up the ipod touch in about 4 months. Have to admit, I’d prefer to carry around a lighter phone, but, even when I had an iphone, I didn’t use it nearly as much as the Droid because the screen was just too small for me.

    Plus, I ended up paying for so many more things with an iphone (apps, music, games, etc.). I hate being nickeled-and-dimed in 99 cent increments when I already pay an arm and a leg for phone and data. Now, I get an enormous selection of free music on demand with TinyShark, I’ve only paid for one app ($1.99) in the year I’ve had the Droid X, and with Netflix and JetFlicks subscriptions (both were gifted to me) I have way more streaming content than I could ever watch.

    A 4-inch iphone 5 might be tempting, but I just don’t like that I have to pay for a lot of content that I can find for free on an android phone.

  23. No mention of customizable widgets, HDMI, Micro USB or Micro SD card support. And that’s stock…

    No mention of rooting and the possiblities there after…like over/under clocking, flashing rom/themes, titanium backup, etc…

    How does someone possibly “get bored” with a phone that can do all that!?

    Go back to your iPhone, the Droid X (anything Android for that matter) is a complete waste in your hands.

    What a ridiculous blog…

  24. Im in the same boat. I have a Sprint Epic 4G. Three reasons I am dumping android and going back to Iphone.
    1. I have used them all (android, windows phone 7, iphone 4-my daughter has one) and nothing in my opinion is as smooth as the iphone touch screen operation

    2. I think the iphone safari browser works better and is cleaner rendering web pages (im not a flash guy or video watcher)than any other smartphone. Im not a hardcore smartphone browser user so I don’t need all the many advanced browser features that other platforms may have.

    3. For my needs I find more options for apps in the apple app store than I do in the android store. Still way too much garbage to filter out in the android app store.

    The biggest benefit for me with the android platform is the 4.3″ screen. My biggest wish for the iphone 5 is a 4.3″ screen to match that of many HTC android phones.

    Just my view.

  25. @Alex, You act like Rooting your phone is so much fun. How many times do you root a phone? ooooh Titanium backup is a blast. I love, love removing bloatware using it…(please) Themes are nice and i love launcher pro, instead of that stupid stock or otherwise skinned UI. But an HDMI port is a plus but not a must and Android brags about how many apps they have when I would say 60% of it is trash and could potentially screw your phone up. No thanks.

  26. If there are really certain features you must have that an iphone provides and and Android phone doesn’t, then by all means get an iphone. For me, the opposite is true. There are must have features that I can’t get on an iphone.

    1) Screen size. It doesn’t matter how much content is available if I can only watch it on a 3.5″ (yes, very high resolution) screen. This one is an absolute deal breaker for me as a frequent traveler who likes to watch streaming content. In addition, as a man with man-sized hands, navigation is much easier for me on a larger screen.

    2) Free Music (TinyShark). I don’t like paying $1 per song and would rather get my music on-demand for free.

    3) Free Apps. A lot of the apps I get for free from the multiple Android app markets I’d have to pay for from the one Apple app store.

    4) Free Tethering. I can tether my laptop/netbook for free on Android. There may still be some iphone workarounds out there for this, but they’re harder to find and more risky IMO.

    5) Cheaper Hardware. Due to competition (from both manufacturers and retailers), Android handsets are more competitively priced…premium phones can often be found for free after 6-12 months on the market. Given that phones these days (either Android or iphone) run out of steam in 2 to 4 years max, this is a big deal.

    6) Removable/Upgradable Memory. What’s that iphone user, no more memory? Better start deleting files or buy a new phone. Personally, I’d rather just replace the sd card.

    7) JetFlicks. I don’t think this is available for iphone yet (I haven’t looked for it on my ipod touch in months). I received a subscription as a gift and must say, it blows away Hulu Plus in terms of price and content.

    For me it’s worth it (even entertaining) to spend maybe an hour a month trying to find new free content and functionality that I’d either have to pay for on the iphone or would be completely blocked by Apple.

  27. @Jeff Holloway

    I’ve had the DX for 9 months now and I finally flashed my first theme last night (rooted it for the first time last week). Why did I finally root? Because after weeks of reading up on rooting, I wanted to see what the hoopla was all about (perhaps my equivalent of Julie’s being “bored” with the phone?–but instead of whining about it, I actually did some research). The capabilities of the phone after rooting is literally jaw-dropping.

    I’m still learning but what little I’ve done so far is mind blowing. Seriously, overclocking makes the phone ridiculously fast–underclocking has help to maintain the battery life longer even though performance is boosted (lowered frequency when shut down). I wanted a different look so I flashed StormShadow and it feels like a new phone with the better icons in the notification bar and the subtle grey change is nice. With GB being so smooth, I feel no need for a full-on ROM–just a theme.

    I was on leaked GB 588 so I rooted, created a back up in Clockwork recovery, flashed GB 596, backed up apps via Ti, over/under clocked, got rid of ads with AdFree (my 3 y/o daughter plays a lot of the free puzzle games from the Market), created second backup in CW and flashed my first theme without a single hitch. I’m certainly no Android expert but I don’t mind trying new things while keeping a healthy respect for following instructions knowing what can go wrong. So far, so good. And come on Jeff, are you going to tell me that Madden Football and VZ Apps didn’t p!ss you off when you couldn’t remove it from your stock phone? 100mgs of memory used for Madden that couldn’t be deleted…that’s BS. So yes, deleting bloatware is nice.

    Yes, there are a lot of “trash” apps for Android that can mess up the phone’s performance but all you have to do is read a few of the comments before installing (Android users have NO problems ragging on a bad app). I’ve had no apps that messed up the phone per se but I uninstalled some apps that were just terrible. I have a 3rd Gen iPod touch (which is a perfect entertainment device) but you have to admit, while Apple has WAY more apps, I don’t need six-dozen versions of a fart app. But for 80% of the consumers out there, Apple makes THE perfect iDevice for them because of all of the controls they implement from hardware to software. Fair enough, I rather use Android.

    And thank you for keeping the discourse civil…I appreciate that.

  28. Thanks for all the comments everyone!

    I’ve made up my mind that I definitely want to go back to using the iPhone. It’s a personal thing. I’ve missed the iPhone for months now. I really like Android, but I miss the form factor of the iPhone, the retina display, the camera and the overall feel of the OS. That said, I don’t foresee me leaving Android forever. I’m sure I’ll be back again.

    Right now, I’m going to try to get my hands on a cheap 16gb Verizon iPhone 4 to hold me over till the iPhone 5 becomes available.

    1. @Chris good question… I haven’t found one yet. I’m a little scared of going the eBay route. Amazon sells some used iPhones, but the cheapest ones $320 or so say they have bad ESN numbers, which means I wouldn’t be able to activate them on Verizon.

  29. Should I be worried my (gingerbread) update is still not available on my phone (tried manually updating)? Thanks

    1. @Andrew Depends on your phone… which one do you have? They all get updates at different times. It depends on the brand (Motorola, Samsung, etc.). Some phones might not even get upgrades 🙁

  30. Anyone going from a good android to an iphone is downgrading. Yall can pretend iphone is still one of the best phones but you will only fool yourselves.

  31. Everyone who doesn’t like what I like is a fool…

    I don’t really feel that way, I just wanted to see what it felt like to type it.

    1. @kryptik And how did it feel? 😉

      I always find it so funny how obsessed people are when you decide not to use their chosen device. They take it so personally and somehow can’t grasp the fact that people can like different devices for different reasons. Why do people get so bent out of shape that I have decided to drop my Droid X to go back to an iPhone? Does it really bother them THAT much? It’s silly. But then I gave up trying to figure out people a LONG time ago…

  32. There will always be something “better” you will want. When your desire leads to grasping for the elusive future phone experience, you only suffer. What would it be like to fully inhabit what’s real, in this moment, just as it is? Is there any real freedom and happiness in acquiring a new iPhone 5 running iOS 5.0, or is it really just being a slave to emotional urges driven by sophisticated corporate marketing?

  33. Android fans are so funny, no offense intended. They have the market share, the plethora of handsets, the “openness” to do whatever, and yet they still live in the Apple’s shadow. Enjoy your devices everybody (the naive or uh, superior minded of you out there), we have some pretty impressive gadgets out there regardless of your tastes.

  34. I own a Samsung Infuse and I have an iPhone4 for work. I now simply forward the number from the iPhone to my Infuse and rarely pick it up. I have used both extensively and the Android is so much more fun and exciting to use. The iPhone may lay claims to being more stable but having used both, they both have issues that require resets from time to time…

  35. The infuse is huge… And i love it.

    But i think that’s gonna be the last of the Android slates that make sense. I think Android has no flagship which in a way makes it hard to identify. With the average consumer, they have no idea what that is. And if you say iPhone, there’s no question what they are talking about.

    Personal taste never dictates what is better or what is worse.

  36. I am on my 3rd Droid. I love it when it is working – hate it when it’s not. I am having trouble right now. Where do I go to root it?
    I have nothing to loose!!! I am not a rocket scientiest or geek
    nor can I spell. But, I am ready to root.
    I need specific directions or walk through help.

  37. @Julie

    “Why do people get so bent out of shape that I have decided to drop my Droid X to go back to an iPhone?”

    I don’t think people are bent out of shape that you decided to change phones. They are upset because the title of your blog, along with some of the vague and/or seemingly frivolous reasons you cited for the change (e.g. smoothness of OS, white iphone, android doesn’t excite me anymore), make you sound like a typical iphone troll dissing Android.

    Had you provided concrete and specific reasons for your switch, you wouldn’t have stirred up the Android crowd. Had you said, “I take a ton of pictures on my iphone and I prefer the iphone’s camera because…” and/or “I really miss accessory ABC and can’t find a similar one for Droid X” and/or “I used app XYZ all the time on my iphone and I can’t find a similar app in the Android market.” The only specifics you provided related to your decision had to do with ios 5, which isn’t even available yet.

    “…I gave up trying to figure out people a LONG time ago…”

    Well, that IS blatantly obvious…isn’t it Julie? Figuring out people requires tact, something of which it seems you are completely devoid.

  38. @Jason
    How can you say the white iPhone is a frivolous reason to switch yet you say there are certain accessories that might not be available for the droid X as being a legitimate reason to switch back to the iPhone?
    Maybe just maybe she likes the iPhone better than the Droid X. Period. Maybe she is right that the X can be sluggish at times. Maybe she is tired of a buggy application or having to scroll through countless crappy apps to find something good. Maybe the 2.3 update just isn’t enough. (i would agree) Maybe its all the bloatware, or the camera is better and the retina display blows everything else out the water. Whatever the reason, Fandroids be happy with Android and iPhone users be happy with iPhone.

  39. @Jeff Holloway

    What are you talking about? Android isn’t a company, so why would it have a single flagship? Android is the world’s leading smartphone platform and you keep saying it’s going to disappear in 5 minutes. Good luck with that prediction Nostradamus!

    Then, you keep touting Windows phone as taking down Android, when Windows phone is way behind in the race and has very little developer interest. Sure, the landscape could change quickly, but not until Windows phone shows some signs of life.

    But what does it matter…you probably expect the world to end in 2012 anyway…right?

  40. Julie wrote, “I’ve made up my mind that I definitely want to go back to using the iPhone. It’s a personal thing. I’ve missed the iPhone for months now. I really like Android, but I miss the form factor of the iPhone, the retina display, the camera and the overall feel of the OS. That said, I don’t foresee me leaving Android forever. I’m sure I’ll be back again”

    Seems perfectly level headed to me. Jeff replied that Android fans are upset “because the title of your blog, along with some of the vague and/or seemingly frivolous reasons you cited for the change (e.g. smoothness of OS, white iphone, android doesn’t excite me anymore), make you sound like a typical iphone troll dissing Android.”

    My response: Julie misses the iPhone’s smoothness, camera, retina display, and overall feel of the OS. None of that is frivolous.

    Jeff wrote, “Had you provided concrete and specific reasons for your switch, you wouldn’t have stirred up the Android crowd.”

    My response: Some people are so sensitive, they get stirred up by just about anything.

    Julie wrote, “…I gave up trying to figure out people a LONG time ago…”

    To which Jeff replied, “Well, that IS blatantly obvious…isn’t it Julie? Figuring out people requires tact, something of which it seems you are completely devoid.”

    My response: That’s rude, insulting, and not only unwarranted but ironic given that Julie has been the polite one in the exchange.

  41. “That’s rude, insulting, and not only unwarranted but ironic given that Julie has been the polite one in the exchange.”

    Yes, thank you deslock. Thank you for overlooking Julie’s obvious intellectual shortcomings simply because she has been “the polite one.” And also for demonstrating your intellectual shortcomings by your improper use of the adjective ironic.

    To respond to the limited substantive comment in your post, Julie’s comments regarding her personal decision, etc. was included in her comments after the article. Had she been more thorough in her original blog post, she wouldn’t have encountered so much backlash.

    Nevertheless, my apologies if you (deslock), Julie and Jeff are those people so sensitive that they get stirred up by just about anything.

  42. Jason:

    Julie’s clarifying comment should have ended the complaints, but even if you only look at what she wrote in her blog post, there’s nothing to get bent out of shape over: she enjoys Android but is “a little bored with it” and she misses the iPhone’s “overall smoothness of the OS, availability of accessories, the camera, and apps”. That stuff may be unimportant or inapplicable to you, but it’s not frivolous.

    Also, can you please enlighten me about the proper use of ironic? In this case, I found it ironic that you accused Julie of being “completely devoid” of tact when she has been polite while you have been rude and condescending. Are you saying that I used “ironic” incorrectly in terms of definition or grammar? (I studied engineering, not english, so writing is not one of my strengths)

    BTW, I’m not stirred up by any of this. Ultimately, we are lucky we are to have so many nifty tools/toys to choose from, and these are just phones. To each his own.

  43. I have a droid incredible 2 it is perfect!!!!!! Large screen!!! Something very important is the 8 megapixel camera i can describe it as awesome pictures. Vs 5 megapixeles iphone 4g not great quality pictures..i have not use my ipod touch since i bought the droid inc 2. I am more than satisfied with thi phone and android. I will never buy an iphone or ipod for the rest of my life.

  44. That picture in your blog is very ofensive!!!! You still have an outdated/old android phone .. Get a new one and compare it to (frivolous iphone 4)

  45. I was going to write a huge paragraph about how my droid x whips any iOS device any day of the week, but then, I realized I had a life to get back to. Fanboys know why their fandom reaches ridiculous heights; It’s called “buyers remorse”.

  46. I have both at this moment, my droid X is 2 years old now, and is still bigger than the iphone 5, has google maps, and I can change batteries and and memory, which means I have unlimited storage.
    iphone 5 has at least face time…but I have a ipad so I am not missing anything.. Keeping the Droid X….lol

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