Trigger pulled – I have a Droid X on order

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After a trip to my local Verizon Wireless store last night to check out the Droid 2, I have made up my mind which Android device will be replacing my iPhone 4. I spent some time on the phone with AT&T wireless and Verizon Wireless this morning. The first thing I did was call AT&T to verify what my ETF (early termination fee would be). My initial guess was $225 or so, because I was mistakenly thinking that their fee is $375 minus $10 per month served. Ends up that it’s only going to be $147. Yay!

While I was on the phone, the lady asked me a bunch of questions about why I wanted to leave and I explained about the clicks, audio anomalies and flaky 3G coverage. She offered to unregister my iPhone 4 and then re-register it to connect it back to the network. She said this would help it get a better signal. So I turned off the phone while she did her magic and then turned it back on. I was really surprised at the results. Before I turned the phone off, I had 2 bars. Now since she did that, I have 4-5 bars which is more than I usually have here at my house. Still no 3G here though, which I knew wouldn’t happen anyway. I’ll be curious to see if I notice any difference in the clicking problems this next week.

Even with the potential of better audio quality in my calls, it didn’t change my mind about wanting to switch carriers and phones. So after I ended my call with AT&T, I called Verizon and set the wheels in motion. I decided to go with the Motorola Droid X for several reasons. After using one for the past 2 weeks, I’m already used to the size and it would be hard to downsize to the smaller screen size of the HTC Incredible or Droid 2. Since one of my primary uses for my phone is as an eBook reader, a bigger screen is perfect for me. I also prefer the row of physical buttons that it has over the touch buttons that the Incredible and Droid 2 have. A quick play with the Droid 2 last night left me with a slight meh feeling. I think the DX is the best fit for me at this time. I had thought about waiting for the Fascinate (Verizon’s Galaxy S variant), but in the end I figured that I’ll probably get my hands on one to test/review later, so if I end up loving it, I can buy one.

The only bad thing about this whole switch over from AT&T to Verizon is that I’m going to have to wait another excruciatingly long 15 days or so before I get my new phone. Darn the popularity of the Droid X 😉

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  2. He just said he has been testing an X for the last 2 weeks. Doubt he will find anything new with new phone that drives him back to iphone.

  3. You will not regret buying the Dx! I ditched my iphone 3gs a month ago for the Verizon Droid X and I love it. Having actual 3G and the ability to use the phone as a 3G mobile hot spot is very useful.

  4. Not sure I understand why it takes two weeks to get the phone. I ordered mine on line last night. Today I received Fedex shipping and tracking information. It’ll be here 8/17.

  5. Julie, I have 2 questions for you. And please know I ask them with a genuine curiosity, not out of any biased defense of Apple or Google.

    1) If you never experienced any dropped calls or bad call quality, would you have made the switch?

    2) Is the superior “Retina Display” of the iPhone 4 insufficient to keep people from flocking to the Driod X?

  6. Go for it Julie! Personally I’m hoping to get an iPhone 4 soon, but I’ve been looking at Android models here in the UK. In the end, you have go with what works for you and what network works for you.

  7. Julie,

    You won’t be sorry. I bought a Droid X 2 weeks ago and can’t keep my hands off of it! Not only is it an awesome phone, but an awesome pda, camera and gps. I am now doing real time live geocaching! Enjoy it!


  8. Your thoughts and actions are pretty close to mine. My iphone was stolen in May but I was already thinking about replacing it. Like you, AT&T put me through a lot of questions and “resolution seeking” before they’d cancel my account.

    I’ve had the Droid X for a month now and I like the screen, I like that I don’t drop calls anymore, I like that I don’t need iTunes. Downside – it’s a bit more complicated than my iPhone and I’ve had to spend more time with configuration for email, music, etc, but I see that as a one-time cost.

    and I still have no desire for an iPhone 4.

  9. Did you use an upgrade for the iPhone 4? If so, did they still prorate the ETF after the upgrade contract extension?

  10. Great choice! As soon as the Droid X was announced I made up my mind to ditch AT&T and got my DX at launch day. Absolutely love it!

  11. @Andy I plan on ordering the extended battery tonight. Thanks for the heads up about it 🙂

    @Frank I think I just waited too long to make the order. Last week Verizon’s site was saying it would ship on next week. Then today it’s showing 8/31. 🙁 Oh well…

    @James If I had never experienced bad call or data quality, I wouldn’t be switching. I truly enjoy using the iPhone. The retina display is nice, but in my opinion it is not so much better than the DX that it keeps me from wanting to switch.

  12. I have Vern struggling with the same decision for quite sone time. I have a 3GS and am in two minds whether to switch before my contract ends. I love the droid x especially the screen size and am tired of Att’s spotty 3G. Especially within COB. . On the other hand the most important apps are released on ios way before the android market. Hopefully your posts on ur experience with dx will help me make up my mind.

    1. @Salil One other plus is that CTC (and I’m guessing the other main Cummins buildings around town) have Verizon repeaters in them. I also live within a mile of a Verizon tower, so I get 3G at my house. 🙂

      @SharonW I’m afraid to cancel my order and go through Amazon since I’m adding another line on to an an existing Verizon account and going with a family share plan. I’ll just stick with my order. Thanks for the tip though!

      @Andy thanks for the tip with the battery. I was going to order one last night, but I don’t see it on Verizon’s site. I read on some forum that they only sell them in the Western states, which seems odd.

      @Moi Ici The only other carrier that I could switch my iPhone 4 to would be Tmobile, and it has worse coverage than AT&T 🙂 Although I love the iPhone, I’m happy with my decision to switch to Verizon and Android. I still have my iPad for iOS apps and who knows, I may switch back to an iPhone whenever it comes to Verizon 🙂

      @Sandee For music, I can drag and drop MP3s to the Droid. I haven’t tried that yet with my loaner device, but I will today.
      For mail, I only use my gmail for domains account these days. For address and calendar, I switched over to Google over a year ago. I’m completely in the cloud, which makes it very easy for me to hop from phone to phone.

  13. Julie, cancel your order with Verizon and go to Amazon. They have them IN STOCK right now with an instant rebate and a discount. You’ll only have to shell out $179.

  14. Folks, I had the iPhone 4 and now the DX. I do not miss the Retina display at all. The DX’s display is plenty sharp, and as big as an aircraft carrier. I’m in San Francisco, where you’d think at&t would have plenty of coverage. Nope! My call quality is easily superior on Verizon.

    @ Julie: Don’t be tempted to use the old, slim battery door on the extended battery. May cause excess pressure on the LCD, I’ve read. Just use the new door.

  15. Here is a link you may find interesting

    I just got the iphone 4 after having the 3GS 32 GB. I was not as excited about getting this one as I was the other three iphones. I was nearly going to forgo the upgrade due to an over whelming sense of meeeh. However I was curious and was able to upgrade for next to nothing (selling old gear etc).
    I am blown away by it! You have to own this phone to appreciate how wonderful it is. I could go on, but if ATT give decent reception or you can jail break for another carrier then do. I am biased as I think this is the best smart phone out there.
    I am a gadget/phone junkie and tire easily, this phone is for the long haul – relatively speaking ;).

    However Julie, good luck with your new phone. I envy your ability to get all this new gear.

  16. How will you handle any of the following:

    Playing/syncing iTunes songs, podcasts, etc?

    Syncing with Apple Mail accounts? Other accounts?

    Syncing with Apple calendar?

    Syncing with Apple address book?

    I would switch in a heartbeat if I had easy answers for these?

  17. I was an IPhone 3G owner and just upgraded to a Droid X. The absolutely greatest thing was finally getting rid of Itunes which for me was a nightmare. I vastly prefer just to drag albums or mp3s over to folders on the X. I just plug the Droid into my PC and move over what I want.

    Google integration is great so calendar, contacts and email are all synced with google.

    My only real complaint is no decent backup utility that will restore your phone if its replaced or bricked, but I expect you will see that this year.

  18. There are other apps and services that will sync your music collection. Some even handle cross platform… doubleTwist for example,

    Can sync your iTunes playlist to Android, among other platforms. You only need iTunes for DRM content but there are many alternatives that can work just as well and a few that arguably better.

    The Apple App Store is still way ahead of the Android Market but the Android market is growing at a significantly faster rate and you should see comparable range of apps by sometime next year if they keep it up…

  19. i just got a droid phone as well (droid2). I was debating between the X and the 2 and went with the 2. I had been a Blackberry user for YEARS and YEARS, and after a few hours with the 2.2 Android software – i’m sold. Enjoy your Droid experience!

    The iphone is nice and all but… it just ain’t for me. Viva la Android!!!!

  20. Me too. it is funny to me how many folks are leaving their Iphones for the new Droids. On thurs, after continuing frustration with back phone connections and ongoing no 3G service in Northern AZ. I bit the bullet and ordered a Droid X. It wont be here for a couple of weeks I guess but I am excited to get a phone with good talk service and actually 3G connectivity. I will sell my Iphone 4 to Gazelle and recoop some of the early contract charge AT and T will be giving me. I have loved my Iphone experience for the past 2 years but I think Android and Droid have moved ahead in the technology. I am excited.

  21. Well I have a Iphone4 and a DX. The iPhone 4 is just a superior device in every way possible. After a quick jailbreak, you can buy mywifi and turn your iPhone into a free mobile hotspot. The screen is sharper and I spent time comparing similar apps on both devices and it mind boggling how archaic they look on the droid. Before you start calling me a fanboy, I just wanna let you know that I’ve own almost every android device since the G1 and I even had the pre but they’re all still playing catch up with Apple when it comes to innovation or let’s say execution…

  22. I switched from iphone 3g to the Droid X on launch date and haven’t looked back. My old iphone feels so small now. It’s funny how quickly you get used to the larger size. Enjoy the speed and flexibility of the phone!

  23. Julie, do you know exactly what the lady did to your iPhone that made your iphone more bars? I know you said unregister and reregister the phone, but if I tell that to ATT would they know what I am saying? I used to get about 4-5 bars on my iphone 4 and ever since I upgraded to 4.0.1 I noticed my bar went a whole lot lower, normally 2-3 bars vs 4-5 bars. i wonder if ATT can do the same magic for me. 🙂

    Also, iphone vs droid is really a matter of preference. I have both iPhone and Droid and I can tell you that none are really more superior than the other. Droid has some application that are very very powerful. but iPhone has some apps that are not available on android yet and most iphone apps are beautifully crafted. all in all, I carry both phones for my daily use. but currently I am leaning toward more to my iPhone 4. it’s really a sweet phone. just my 2 coppers.

    1. @Howard That’s what the person told me that she did – unregister and re-register. So hopefully saying that will tell them what they need to know to do the same for you. Hope it helps!

  24. I have an Iphone 3G and a Droid X. I have done side by side comparisons vs an Iphone 4, and the X blows away the Iphone for being able to read web sites and such because of its huge screen.

    After that though, I explain it this way. The X is a far more versatile and capable phone since you can do almost anything with it. But for a complete neophyte who just wants to make calls and send texts, it can be a little daunting.

    Because with so much freedom and choices comes the confusion factor. There is no built in media sync, for example. While windows users can easily use windows media player to accomplish this, it won’t tell you that anywhere in the instructions.

    So I am advising friends, if you are afraid of technology and don’t want to spend time googling solutions for you phone, choose an Iphone. But if you love technology and don’t mind taking time to learn your away around new things, its X all the way.

  25. @James D wages

    The issue on the D2 is most likely only a software issue with the latest 2.2 Froyo release.
    The reason I say this is the design and mechanicals of the D2 are identical to the original Droid and there are no issues with the antenna on the droid.
    I could be wrong but it seems fairly obvious since the design is not a new one.

  26. Also signal fluctuation is not the same as shorting out your antenna by touching it the wrong way and getting no bars. Most modern cellphones keep the antenna internal and away from user hands for a reason.

    All antenna designs can experience signal fluctuation, especially if you’re between towers and/or something is blocking the signal, but the iPhone 4’s antenna problem is a separate issue. Much like the proximity sensor issue that didn’t get as much press.

    Anyway, for those willing to wait a bit longer, the Droid Pro will be coming out and a dual core 1.5GHz Snapdragon, which can turn off one core when not being used to save power, should start finding its way into devices by Christmas…

  27. Julie, I hope you enjoy your Droid X as much as I do.
    I don’t think I could go back to a phone with a smaller screen either, and the size is not an issue at all with a slim case.
    The Dx does everything I need it to. Now if the game developers would just jump on the Android bandwagon….

  28. Why the wait for Droid X? Avoid Verizon stores and go to Best Buy Mobile if there is one available by you. Otherwise try a regular Best Buy or something like it. Last time I checked, the Best Buy Mobile store that is by my house had 5 DX’s in it… plus you don’t have to do the mail in rebate bull. They make you pay the actual advertised price (automatically deducting the rebate at purchase).

    1. @Adam I went directly through Verizon because I’m adding a line to my existing Verizon account and doing the family share plan. I didn’t know if it would be a hassle to set all that up by going thru another retailer.

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