Vaja I-Volution Aptus HP2215 Case Review

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Product Requirements:
HP iPAQ 2200

I think it’s a known fact that Vaja I-Volution
PDA cases are just plain sexy. In the everyday ho-hum of the typical black
leather case, the I-Volution raises the bar of style and substance. Available in
32 (yes, I really said 32!) color combinations, the I-Volution Aptus for the
HP2215 line of cases is
all about customization. If you want your case with a belt clip, it’s not a
problem. Want it without a belt clip? Hey, it’s up to you. Want your name embossed on it? Go for
it. Want it with a Push Push system encapsulated SD slot? Say what? More about
Vaja’s latest option in a minute…

I-Volution cases differ from standard cases in two major ways. For one, the
leather is molded to the shape of the PDA for which it is designed. And the
other main difference is that you see no stitching or raw leather edges on these
cases. These characteristics give the I-Volution line the look and feel of a
true luxury product. Well, that and the fact that at over $100, you’d
be getting something a step above the norm.

I was sent the Caterina Black with Caterina Latte interior case. As always,
the first thing that struck me when I opened the box, was the strong scent of
leather. There’s just something about these cases that make you want to
constantly hold them up to your nose like a moron. Yummy! Touch is the second
sense that kicks in as you first handle the case. Caterina leather is fine
grained, blemish free and smooth to the touch.

There are no zippers or snaps on the I-Volution. The case is all leather
except for the metal Vaja emblem at the bottom cover, and the stainless steel
mesh window covering the speaker on the back.

The case opens like a clamshell instead of like a book. The iPAQ slides into
the lower half of the case, where it is held securely with the Antislide
Shark Closure
. At least that’s what Vaja calls it. I call it a molded
leather shell that the iPAQ can slide into without falling out. While in the
case, the entire front of the PDA is exposed. Nothing gets in the way of using
the buttons or display. While the cover is open, you have easy access to the CF
and SD slots, as well as the earphone jack and stylus. When closed, you can
still access the earphone jack and stylus if need be. Actually, only the
earphone jack and stylus area are exposed while the case is closed.

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As mentioned above, the I-Volution does not employ zippers or snaps. So, how
does the cover stay closed? The bottom edge has a molded lip which snaps over
the sync port. It works very well and stays securely closed.

On the inside of the cover, you have your choice of a regular molded SD slot,
or for an extra $6, you can go with a Push Push system slot. What is it? It’s an
actual spring loaded slot for your SD card. It works like your PDA, where you
press the SD card in to eject it. I think it’s an extremely cool touch and well
worth the extra $6, if only for the nifty factor.

Bottom line, I love this case. With its rigid design, it keeps its shape,
looks terrific and slips in and out of a pocket with ease. The only cons are
mainly the price, inability to sync with cradle, and the fact that the reset
hole isn’t accessible. Price will be the deal breaker for most, but if you can
afford this case, it’s a beauty!


Price: $109.90 and higher depending on options

Beautifully crafted
Cool SD storage slot

Reset switch not accessible
Can’t sync while in the case


Product Information

  • Stylish
  • Beautifully crafted
  • Cool SD storage slot
  • Expensive
  • Reset switch not accessible
  • Can't sync while in the case

6 thoughts on “Vaja I-Volution Aptus HP2215 Case Review”

  1. Gadgeteer Comment Policy - Please read before commenting
  2. Hi Julie!

    I am curious as to the construction of these case. I am hoping they come out with a version for the T3.

    Are they rigid and protective? How would it compare with a Proporta case? (a known quantity for me…<grin>)

    I use my T3 everyday at my work as a police officer and need something protective, but really like the style of the Vaja cases.

    Thanks Julie for a great review!

  3. The cases are ridge. I believe that the leather is molded around ABS plastic. That said, they are not going to be as rigid as an aluminum case. I actually think this case is somewhat more protective than the Innopocket because when closed, 95% of the iPAQ is covered. Only the stylus and earphone jack are exposed.

  4. Hi julie

    I was wondering if you could tell me if the flip top bends all the way back as i was told that a problem with this case is that the flip lid does not bend all the way back and hence can be quite bothersome to use !!

    Also how does the leather compare to that of say a piel frama?? is it just as soft as the piel framas ??


  5. The cover does not bend completely back behind the case. There is one picture in the review of me holding the case in my hand. The cover actually bends back farther than that picture shows, but not by a whole lot. During use in your hand, the cover will not get in your way at all. Using the PDA on a desk top, it will stand straight up at a 90 degree angle. For me it does not get in my way or hinder use.

  6. I’m looking for a case that has a CF storage slot; why doesn’t anyone make one? (Piel Frama, Vaja soft cases; also rans,–nada)

    I always keep my SD card in the 2210’s SD slot since it’s the card I use most frequently; I don’t use the CF card as often, so that’s the reason I’m seeking a case with storage capabilites for CF; it would make things SO much more convenient!!

    And who woud buy a 2210 without wanting to use CF designed programs?

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