Pomabrush electric toothbrush review

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Pomabrush electric toothbrush

REVIEW – Recently I have been able to test a few electric toothbrushes. I have been looking for a new toothbrush with newer technology to replace my old but faithful Cybersonic. This time around I am testing the Pomabrush electric toothbrush.

What is it?

The Pomabrush electric toothbrush is designed to effectively clean your teeth and it even works for sensitive teeth and gums. It utilizes a silicone brush head and is capable of 15,000 powerful and soft vibrations per minute.

What’s in the box

1 x Pomabrush
1 x Charging Case
1 x USB-C Cable
1 x User Manual

Design and features


The Pomabrush comes in its own charging case. On the brush handle, there is the branding. At the bottom of the brush handle, there are 2 contact points that match two similar points in the case. This allows the brush to be charged by the case. There are 3 green LEDs that indicate the battery level of the case. The brush head is removable to allow for replacement heads. On one edge of the case, there is a USB-C port for recharging.


The Poambrush arrived partially charged, but as with any rechargeable device, I charged it fully before using it. The design is sleek and attractive and there are a couple of color options available on their website. This toothbrush is basically “plug-n-play”. After using it for a couple of weeks, I like the vibrations but I find that the brush itself is soft for my preference. I really do think that this would be a great toothbrush for people with sensitive gums, teeth, etc. The vibrations pause every 30 seconds which is something that I personally do not like. Otherwise, it is nice to have a carrying case that charges the toothbrush and according to Pomabrush, you only need to recharge the case 3 times per year.

The following video shows the action of the toothbrush and the pause that occurs every 30 seconds:

What I like

  • The sleek design
  • The build quality
  • The charging case
  • The simplicity of the design

What I’d change

  • I am not a fan of the “every 30-second pause”

Final thoughts

This Pomabrush is a nice-looking electric toothbrush with a sleek design and would work great as a travel toothbrush. The brush and vibrations are a bit soft for my personal preference, but it works well and I love the fact that it charges within its case. Once the brush is kept clean, it should be a good product for use every day and/or when traveling. IMHO, I do think that it is a bit pricey for what it is.

Price: $99
Where to buy: Pomabrush website
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Pomabrush

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