Julie’s Gear Diary – 2003-10-29

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Do you guys ever get Plaxo emails from your friends asking you to update your contact info? I've gotten them off and on in the past and really never checked into the actual Plaxo service. Tonight, both Judie and I received emails from the same person asking us to update our info. She then mentioned that she had signed up for it, and that I should too. So I did. For those of you that wonder if your address book is up to date, and if your friends have your correct info, this is the tool for you!

Plaxo is one slick application. It seamlessly integrates into Outlook or Outlook Express and takes your info to create two cards: a personal business card and a work business card. You can then specify who sees what. After that, it will send emails automatically to all the people in your address book (or only those that you choose). If those people already have Plaxo accounts, it will automatically update your info in their address books. If they aren't, it will allow them to update through a webpage. The service is free, you all should really try it out!

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