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SCOTTeVEST has just announced some new techwear that's been designed for both men and women to carry their gear when they are off the grid without needing a bag or backpack. The new OTG jackets which appropriately stands for Off The Grid, are made of ripstop nylon and feature a cool quilted design and 29 [...]

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April showers bring May flowers and wet hair. Unless you're sporting a buzz cut, you probably don't like getting caught in the rain without an umbrella. The RainScarf is an alternative to bulky umbrellas and raincoats. This light weight 75″ long scarf is reversible with a soft polyester blend side for cool clear days and [...]

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Are you a guy (or gal) who has a bit of trouble keeping your shirt tail where it belongs: tucked into your trousers? Magnetuck shirt stays might be a solution, using the power of Neodymium rare earth magnets. Each set includes two dome pieces and two flat pieces each molded in silicon rubber. The flat pieces [...]

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Nike has announced its first mainstream shoe to feature a new self-lacing technology. Inspired by the film Back to the Future, Nike released an actual self-lacing version of Marty McFly's sneakers on October 21, 2015. Though they caught our wonder and attention, they were largely unattainable--only a small number were made and were available only [...]

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What is the best way to protect yourself from travel related crimes? Just don't travel right? Well that's obviously no fun. Are there other ways to protect yourself? Yes, the P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Travel Pants from Clothing Arts can at least prevent the baddies from trying to snag your money, phone and your other pocket gear. Let's take [...]

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Our feet sweat. And when wearing shoes, this not only causes odor but also provides a breeding ground for microorganisms that cause foot infections. The SteriShoe is a shoe insert that is made from a steel frame and uses ultraviolet light to kill those microorganisms. Currently, SteriShoe is one of the few devices that has [...]

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Now you can look cool when strapping on your GoPro Hero camera to capture your action shots with the SmaTree Baseball Hat for GoPro. This cap is made of soft, lightweight material (80% Acrylon & 20% Wool) and will fit all versions of the GoPro Hero cameras. The SmaTree Baseball Hat for GoPro is available in [...]

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With less than a week until winter officially begins, it's time to break out the gloves for my morning drive to work. Gloves keep my hands warm, but they make it impossible to interact with my phone while I'm wearing them. That's why touchscreen gloves are a necessary tech accessory for gadgeteers. This year Mujjo [...]

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I've always envied how quickly and easily my husband is able to find and buy jeans. I despise trying on clothes because it seems as though 99% of the time nothing fits, which feels like a huge waste of time. LikeAGlove is a pair of smart leggings that help women (and in the future men) find [...]

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PatchPALS review


Velcro®-backed patches have become very popular in some circles, especially within military and related communities where they are often called "morale" patches. Additionally, clothing, backpacks and other soft goods designed for military, police or similar occupations include strips of webbing that can be used as modular attachment points for the customized addition of pouches and other accessories. [...]

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I spend a great deal of time on my feet walking around.  And a great deal of that time is spent outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold.  About a year ago while I was walking around in the freezing cold and unable to feel my toes, I had a dream.  I dreamed that one [...]

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Spring seems to be right around the corner (finally!) but I'm still wearing gloves on my drives to and from my day job each day. The best thing about gloves is that they keep my hands warm and dry. The worst thing about them is that they make interacting with my phone a big hassle. [...]

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Winter's not quite over yet, and you can count on the Audio Trapper Hat to keep your ears warm.  You can also count on the hat to keep the tunes flowing, because it has built-in speakers in the ear flaps.  It has a retractable audio cable that will work with any device with a 3.5mm [...]

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I hate winter with a passion. I think snow is pretty to look at from inside a warm house, but I loathe being outdoors when the temperature drops to less than 40 degrees. I usually get my gloves out by the end of October so I can keep my hands warm when I'm going to and from work. Gloves [...]

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How's that new year's resolution to lose weight going for you? Give up already? Maybe eating healthy and being more active hasn't worked and you need some extra help. Here's an idea, wear the Cold Shoulder vest. It's a vest with ice packs arranged on the back and shoulders that you keep in the freezer. [...]

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