This post brought to you by zeebox. All opinions are 100% mine. Watching TV with a friend is sometimes better than watching your favorite programs by yourself - so long as they don't start talking over the dialog on the screen!   With the free zeebox tv companion app on your iOS , Android, or Blackberry [...]

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The topic came up recently around The Gadgeteer about what apps we have on our mobile devices. Now, I have a lot of apps between my iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, but out of all of the apps I have, I only use a handful of them on a regular basis. The ones listed below [...]

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Canon_Pixma_Comix -1

Ever daydreamed of being a character in your very own comic strip? Now with Canon's new Pixma Comix App on the Canon U.S.A. Facebook page, you can do just that, for free. Use six images (either uploaded or already on Facebook) to embarrass yourself, friends, or family for many years to come in a printable [...]

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I use these 4 apps daily on both my iPad Mini and HTC One Android phone.  These apps have been extremely useful for my personal and business usage.  I'm sure some of you have heard of or are using these apps:  Evernote, Dropbox, LogMeIn, and Crestron. Evernote I've been using Evernote since my business converted to [...]

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When Julie first suggested that we write some posts about our favorite apps that we use every day, my first thought was, "Oh, yeah, I have tons of those!"  But then I stopped to think about it.  Yes, I do have many, many apps on my iPhone (probably too many--its memory is nearly full, actually).  [...]

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Sometimes you want to view or edit a document on your smartphone.  I've found a couple of apps that allow you to do just that: CloudOn and Kingsoft Office.  They have a lot in common: they're both free, they both offer a wealth of features, they both connect to your cloud accounts, and they are [...]

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It was 20 years ago when Bill Nye introduced his PBS TV show that taught kids about science.  His show may be off the air now, but your kids can still learn from him with the newly introduced app for iPhone and iPad.  The Bill Nye the Science Guy app is free in the iTunes [...]

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Since readers seemed to enjoy our lists of daily-use gear, Julie thought readers might be interested in reading about the apps used daily by The Gadgeteer's writers.  I mostly use apps on my iPad, so I'll talk about some of my favorite apps on that device.  Some of these are used daily, but others earn [...]

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You know about Pinterest, the website that Wikipedia defines as a "a pinboard-style, photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies."  What if you're only interested in sharing and collecting pet and animal photos?  With Peterest, you'll be able to upload, manage, share, browse, and mark favorite photos [...]

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X-plore by Lonely Cat Games is a file manager application for your Android, Windows or Symbian phone.  I tested it on an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S3, latest OS build from Verizon).  The app is completely free with no timed trial or limited functionality. If you find the app useful, you can donate to the developers. [...]

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I've tried Apple's Cards app, and I liked the quality and the convenience of sending cards with that app.  Some people may find those cards too impersonal, because you can't even add a handwritten signature line.  I think nowadays many people wouldn't mind getting a card that was created on a computer and automatically mailed [...]

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When you have unwanted items, you can always list them on Craigslist or eBay, but there's always an element of uncertainty when dealing with absolute strangers.  With the Bondsy app, you can list your things so only your friends or friends of friends can see your listings.  You can choose to sell or trade your [...]

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The SquiggleFish iPad app combines drawing on paper and iPad apps to entertain your child.  Your child draws and colors a fish on a piece of plain paper, then uses the iPad's camera to scan it in to the SquiggleFish app.  The app then animates the fish, making it seem to come to life.  It's [...]

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In my  recent How to prevent your child from making in-app purchases on your iPad article, I mentioned that Apple should make it possible to restrict access to only certain apps for kids.  Little did I know that there was already a way to lock a user into only a single app.  Combine this feature with blocking [...]

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Time Warner Cable has long had an app that lets you use your iOS device as an extra TV screen, but you've been limited to using it only when connected to your home network.  According to a press release issued yesterday by TWC, some of that programming will now be available on your iOS device [...]

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There is news that Twitter will launch a new music service, but it appears to be invite only. If you take a peak at, there is a holding page with the hashtag #music and the words "coming soon". There is also a button to sign in - but when you do so, it doesn't [...]

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Every day, I see stories about some person contacting the media to complain Apple wouldn't reimburse them for in-app purchases their kids made on an iPad.  You see people complaining about charges of a couple hundred dollars to well over $1000 made in a 10 minute period.  The latest story I've been seeing is about [...]

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Google -Keep

The latest buzz from Google is a new app called Keep.  It is a note-taking application that mimics features from popular products such as Evernote and Springpad and lets you "keep" text notes, images, check lists, and voice notes.  It's available on the Google Play store for Android devices at the above link.  I've installed it on [...]

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Pinball may be a game that is known to kids young and old, but it is a game that doesn't port over to a touch screen very easily. Duo Games now has a controller that can be used with Gameprom's free Pinball HD Collection app to bring life-like pinball to the iPad. Connecting via Bluetooth, [...]

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With the Marvel Unlimited iOS app, you'll have unlimited access to over 13,000 current and back issues that you can read on your iPad or iPhone at any time.  Above, you'll see the cover of a Captain America issue that you can read for free.  Marvel Unlimited lets you browse and read issues online, store [...]

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