Tin Pan Rhythm app brings your song ideas to life


If you’ve always wanted to play an instrument but don’t have the money to buy a piano, guitar or other instrument or don’t have any spare time to invest in learning the ins and outs of playing it, Tin Pan Rhythm is a new iOS app that makes playing music fun and easy. If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried all sorts of music playing but found them to be way too cutesy or frustratingly confusing. Tin Pan Rhythm was designed by a game developer who used his talents to turn an iPad into an intuitive and self-teaching instrument that requires zero effort or time to learn. Basically all you do is drag and drop chords and switch from different piano, guitar and percussion styles. Advanced musicians can a music loop and then play real instruments over it. You can also record any music you create and export it as an MP3 file, send it to SoundCloud and more. For more info visit http://www.tin-pan.com/ or iTunes to buy the app for $2.99.

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