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When you think of Garmin, pet activity trackers are probably not the first product that comes to mind. The Delta Smart is an on-collar training, obedience and activity tracker device that has been designed especially for dogs of all sizes and coat lengths. The device works with the iOS and Android Garmin Canine app to… Read More

Garmin's been on fire the last few months with several new product announcements. In May they announced the Vívomove fitness tracking watch, then a few weeks ago it was the fēnix Chronos watches, and just a couple days ago it was the VIRB Ultra 30 action cam. If you thought they were done, you'd be… Read More

Withings, my favorite health gadget company, has just added two new activity tracking watches to their existing line of wearable fitness trackers. The new Steel HR watches will be available in a 36mm and 40mm case version and will have all the features we've come to expect from Withings activity trackers including automatic step, run… Read More

Fitness trackers are getting more complicated and expensive every day. With features like heart rate monitoring, temperature monitoring as well as calorie burning calculation. Can we get any more healthy? But if you are looking for something a little simpler, something that tells you when you've reached your goals, but does not have that traditional… Read More

Gadgets that track your activity and sleep are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are trackers that clip to your clothing, ones that clip to your shoes, wristband style trackers and smartwatches with built-in activity tracking features. But what if you don't want to clip a tracker to your clothes and don't… Read More

Polar is renowned for their heart rate monitoring equipment and they have recently announced their newest model, the M600. Notwithstanding the Piper M600 aircraft, the Noble M600 supercar, or the DJI M600 drone, it's still one of the coolest M600's out there. The idea is that this watch is the perfect combination of a smartwatch… Read More

Wearable activity trackers are everywhere and come in every imaginable shape and size. That means finding one that is perfect for you can be a challenge because there are so many choices. If battery life and the ability to wear a tracker somewhere else on your body besides your wrist is important to you, consider… Read More

Oh, fitness band, how do I love you? I know it's a little corny but I do love a good fitness band. I have had a Nike FuelBand, tested other fitness bands and now use a Misfit Shine. So I was very excited when I saw that Misfit has released a new fitness band called… Read More

I have been a fan of Withings fitness products for a very long time and have been using their Wifi Body Scale every day for the past six years. Their Activité activity-tracking wrist watches are some of the nicest looking fitness trackers on the market right now. But for those of us who are a… Read More

Fitness tracking devices are available in a variety of colors and styles that range from feminine to sporty, and from flashy to utilitarian. But there aren't that many fitness devices that pair the classic look of a wrist watch with technology that tracks your steps and sleep patterns. Withings did it with their Activité watches… Read More

Fitness watches are the craze nowadays, with even the Apple Watch boasting fitness capabilities. There are so many out there, that there has to be one for nearly everyone. I prefer the type that has the continuous heart rate monitoring, while my husband just prefers something simple that he doesn't have to charge often. I… Read More

FitBit, Misfit and Jawbone are popular activity trackers for humans, but what about our dogs? Shouldn't we know how active they are too? Activity trackers for pets isn't something new, but the WonderWoof BowTie is the cutest one I've seen so far. This activity sensor is shaped just like a bowtie and attaches to your… Read More


There are plenty of fitness trackers out there. There are apps to track calories and water intake. Those are meant to encourage healthy habits. Quitbit is doing the reverse. It’s a smart lighter aimed at helping smokers kick the habit. The lighter, which weighs 72 grams, uses a flameless heat coil to light cigarettes. In… Read More

We all compare ourselves to others it seems.  Whether it's healthy or not, and whether we realize it or not...most of us do it!  When trying to make lifestyle changes and get fit, it's easy to become discouraged when you look around and see other people taking what seems to be great leaps, while you… Read More

Razer, a company known for its high-end, high-quality gaming equipment has branched out to the fitness wearables with the Razer Nabu Watch. Razer has some earlier entries into the sports band market with the Nabu X and Nabu, but the Nabu Watch is a step towards a fully functional timepiece. The Nabu Watch is basically… Read More