Vi is your very own AI personal trainer who is inside top-of-the-line earphones

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This new neck and ear wearable fitness tracker that was funded on Kickstarter gets to know you and actually learns what your body needs in order to help you get the workout results you want. LifeBEAM and Harmon Kardon joined forces to create an artificially intelligent companion that is voice activated and can listen and respond to your commands while delivering superior sound quality.  You can answer your phone or listen to music during the times when you are not actively training making this a device you could wear the entire day while it tracks your activity. Vi is available for pre-order now for $279.00 (you can still get the Kickstarter deal and save $50.00) and from what I can tell they expect to ship late this year, or early next year. I’m thinking that personal trainers everywhere may want to think about stepping up their game if they want to complete with this new AI technology.

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