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I am not ashamed to admit that I am a huge gamer chick. While I used to get by on a cheap “gaming” mouse a few years ago, nowadays, I would not even bother anymore with them. Since moving to a gaming mouse, my game has improved quite a bit. The current mouse I have [...]

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I am always on the lookout for the perfect surveillance system for monitoring my home and cats while on vacation. The first thing I tried was a webcam connected to a computer that I would view from an app on my phone. Next, I tried an IP camera that could be remotely controlled by my [...]

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You may be wondering what a bean bag chair has to do with gadgets, but if you look back on the years, we've reviewed a few here. The first thing I think of when I think of a bean bag chair is something that belongs in a game room, is small, and has lots of [...]

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It's been a running joke with my friends that I am always going on a trip. My latest trip took me cross country as a passenger in a car, where my phone was very much needed for GPS, music, and entertainment. Most the time, my phone dies with my constant usage on trips, so I [...]

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A few weeks ago, I went on an exciting road trip cross country to move my sister from Nebraska to Washington. I had to fly back and then ride with her and my mother in a full car, and I knew I could not bring a big backpack full of stuff like I normally do, [...]

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I love the ability to customize my iPhone with different phone cases. Normally, I stick to full body cases, since they provide the most protection and (usually) style. The drawback? You spend however much on your thin gold (or other colored) iPhone only to smother it in a bulky case to have enough protection. The [...]

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When I was making my choice between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, my major concerns were battery life and portability. In the end, portability won out. When I visit my in-laws, the battery drains quickly due to spotty cell reception, so I always carry a portable battery on trips. I love the idea [...]

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Over Christmas, I finally jumped into the MacBook scene and picked up a 13" MacBook Pro with Retina display. The first thing I thought when I bought it was, "I need to find some sort of case for this expensive laptop!" For the first few months, I carried the laptop in two hands always, and [...]

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Several years ago, my mother had a simple card wallet that I really liked. Unfortunately, we could never find it in stores, so I have been using a men's wallet for a couple years now to make do. I never carry cash anyway, so why do I need a full blown wallet? The Recess Holdster [...]

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Have you ever taken a picture and thought how wonderful it would be if you could recreate that picture as a piece of artwork? Unless you have an artist handy or are gifted with art skills yourself, the picture just stays a photograph. I've been happy to see services cropping up that will paint the [...]

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I've been searching for a good pair of wireless earbuds for a while now. So far, I've tried two pairs out. They both were OK, but neither were too useful. The first thing that caught my eye with the Mpow Petrel Bluetooth earbuds was the wings used to stabilize the earbuds. My wired Bose headphones [...]

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VidOn Box review


One ritual we have in our household is called 'anime night' every Wednesday. My husband has a collection of his favorite anime series that are in different formats, so we built a cheap media PC to watch them all. The problem is, it's a full blown PC in the living room. When the VidOn Box [...]

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Since I travel frequently, I am always searching for the perfect backpack. Finding the balance between size, comfort, and usability is the biggest challenge. The TYLT Energi+ backpack looks to be not only comfortable, but convenient, so when I was offered to review it, I was happy to accept. I had two weekend trips to [...]

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Last fall I purchased a road bike so I could start getting my stamina up for my next belt test in karate. After procrastinating for a little over half a year, I finally started riding. Normally when I go out I am in my biking shorts and some sort of t-shirt, since I always thought [...]

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When I go out for a walk around the neighborhood, I always have to have music to listen to. Normally, plugging in my headphones and dropping my iPhone in my pocket works well, but lately I've been using an arm strap instead of my pockets. While it feels better for walking, the cord is starting [...]

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I've had my iHome docking alarm clock since the 3nd generation iPod Touch came out. I enjoyed the easy interface that iHome brought, and that it worked with my iPhone when I got one. Sadly, when they upgraded to the Lightning connector the dock no longer worked with my phone, but I had grown so [...]

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I admit, when I read Gadgeteer reviews for the wireless charging pads, I am jealous. While I love my iPhone, I wish I could easily charge it up like the Android phones do. For an iPhone to have the same capabilities, we have to have a case, like the uNu Aero wireless charging battery case and mat. [...]

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When I picked up my first pair of Apple earbuds, I was very disappointed in how they kept falling out of my ears. Then Earpods came out, and since they had a different shape, I thought they would work better, but still, I had no luck. Sprng offered to have their Sprng clips for the [...]

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I've never been much of a fan of watches. I'd either lose them, break them, or forget to wear them. Then cell phones came along, further denying my need for a time keeping device. However, I came upon a change of heart when I started coaching tennis. The girls would ask me what time it [...]

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My first computer was given to me in 9th grade, which was a laptop running Windows 98. Before that, we had rented a computer for word processing from a Nebraska agency, which ran Windows 95 and had a dot matrix printer along with it. Being one of the relatively young Gadgeteers, you may laugh at [...]

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