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Rokit Boost SwageU Bluetooth headphones review


When I go out for a walk around the neighborhood, I always have to have music to listen to. Normally, plugging in my headphones and dropping my iPhone in my pocket works well, but lately I’ve been using an arm strap instead of my pockets. While it feels better for walking, the cord is starting to get annoying. So, when the Rokit Boost SwageU Bluetooth headphones came up for review, I thought I would give them a chance and see if Bluetooth headphones are really worth it. Did I think cutting the cord was worth it? Let’s see.  Read More →

iHome iDL46 Dual Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio with Lightning Dock and USB Charge/Play review

I’ve had my iHome docking alarm clock since the 3nd generation iPod Touch came out. I enjoyed the easy interface that iHome brought, and that it worked with my iPhone when I got one. Sadly, when they upgraded to the Lightning connector the dock no longer worked with my phone, but I had grown so accustomed to the alarm clock, that I never bothered to replace it. When the iHome iDL46 Dual Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio with Lightning Dock and USB Charge/Play was offered to review, I jumped at the chance to update my old alarm clock. Not only did it have a Lightning dock, but it also allows for a USB and auxiliary input, which means if they ever change the connector, I can still use it.

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uNu Aero wireless charging battery case and mat for iPhone 5/5S review


I admit, when I read Gadgeteer reviews for the wireless charging pads, I am jealous. While I love my iPhone, I wish I could easily charge it up like the Android phones do. For an iPhone to have the same capabilities, we have to have a case, like the uNu Aero wireless charging battery case and mat. This intrigued me because it not only allows for wireless charging, but it also a battery pack built-in to give my phone extra juice when needed.  Read More →

Sprng clips for Apple Earpods review


When I picked up my first pair of Apple earbuds, I was very disappointed in how they kept falling out of my ears. Then Earpods came out, and since they had a different shape, I thought they would work better, but still, I had no luck. Sprng offered to have their Sprng clips for the Earpods reviewed, and it piqued my curiosity. First, I love cheap little things that can make life easier, and second, I had the possibility of using my Earpods  on the bus or train. Let’s see if they worked well or fell short of my expectations. Read More →

Papago GoWatch 770 review


I’ve never been much of a fan of watches. I’d either lose them, break them, or forget to wear them. Then cell phones came along, further denying my need for a time keeping device. However, I came upon a change of heart when I started coaching tennis. The girls would ask me what time it was, and I would have to carry around my phone and risk dropping it on the pavement. Luckily for me, Papago offered to have their GoWatch 770 reviewed, so I jumped at the chance. Not only would it serve my time-keeping needs, but it had so much more to offer. Let’s see how well it worked. Read More →

Gadgeteer: Show us your desk series – Ryan


My first computer was given to me in 9th grade, which was a laptop running Windows 98. Before that, we had rented a computer for word processing from a Nebraska agency, which ran Windows 95 and had a dot matrix printer along with it. Being one of the relatively young Gadgeteers, you may laugh at my first taste of computers, but those first two computers got me hooked into gadgets and gaming. Nowadays I try to keep an average computer; not too expensive, but still performs well, which led me to build my own PC to get just what I wanted. Read More →

Swann ADS-445 SwannEye HD Pan & Tilt IP Network Camera review

I’ve been procrastinating for a while now about picking up an IP-Cam to monitor my home and my cats while I am away from home. We’ve managed to get by on a webcam attached to our media center computer, but it is stationary, with no pan and tilt capabilities. I’ve seen Swann cameras in my local electronics store, and when they offered to send their SwannEye HD Pan & Tilt IP Camera, I was eager to try it out. Let’s see how well it worked.

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SlideStand review


Sometimes you have a case you love, but you need a stand so you can FaceTime, Skype, or watch videos on your phone. Problem is, a lot of the cases that have stands built in are not as stylish as the ones you find without stands. In comes the SlideStand, a stick on stand for all smartphones, which sticks to the back of a case or phone and turns it into a stand case. Seems like a nifty idea, but let’s see how well it works. Read More →

Truffol Autograph leather skin for iPhone 5/5S review


Several months ago, I reviewed a few cases from Truffol. I loved them, but they caused signal degradation. Truffol took some of the comments they heard and went a step further when developing their latest product, the Truffol Autograph leather skin. Instead of a case, they have taken their high quality leather and made a thin skin for protecting the back of your phone, and even gave the option to slide a card into the skin, if desired. Let’s see how well it worked!

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Vority X5S iPhone 5/5S charging case review


Phone cases are one of my secret passions. I love to have something different than everyone else, and I love color. One problem with the charging cases I’ve seen is that they are pretty limited in the colors you can have. I’ve seen black, white, and every once in a while, a blue or red one, but that is all. The Vority X5S is a charging case that offers a variety of options for customizing the color of your case. Since I love cases and options, I had to check it out.

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Griffin Survivor case for iPad Air review


So perhaps you’ve got, or are thinking about getting, an iPad Air. They are quite light, but also easy to drop, and if you have children or are prone to dropping your iPad frequently, you may find a need for a heavier-duty case. Griffin has come out with their Survivor line of cases for the iPad Air, and they claim to protect against “dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration, and a host of other environmental factors.” Seems like it would be solid case, yes? Let’s find out.

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Just Mobile Aluframe for iPhone 5/5S review


When I decided to get the iPhone 5S, I knew that I had to have the gold version. Not only was it ‘rare’ at the time, but it just looked different. Since then, I’ve been looking for a nice bumper frame to go along with my phone so I can show off my phone yet still have some protection. The gold Just Mobile Aluframe not only matches my iPhone, but since it’s made of aluminum, it should protect my phone as well. Let’s see how well it does. Read More →

Putting you in the driver’s seat: the NAIAS Ford Blogger Experience


Last week I was lucky enough to attend the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) as part of the NAIAS Blogger Experience with Ford. Now, you may wonder what an auto show has to do with The Gadgeteer, but if you look at how much our electronics have been integrated into our vehicles, it doesn’t seem odd at all.

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Oblanc O’Sound Romeo NX-1 in-ear headphones review


I like to have a pair of headphones with me everywhere I go. You never know when you’ll need to use them. I’ve tried out several types of headphones, from buds to in-ear, and one thing that I noticed was the lack of bass in the smaller, more portable headphones. This, coupled with the fact that in-ear headphones have never worked for me as they would never stay in my ear, left me just sticking with my cheap pair of headphones for my purse. I thought I’d give the Oblanc O’Sound Romeo NX-1 in-ear headphones a try as they promised “superior bass,” are portable with a small case, and come with a variety of ear tips. Certainly one of these tips will fit my ears, right? Let’s find out.

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Saddleback Leather iPad Air case (prototype) review


If you plan to upgrade, or have upgraded to an iPad Air, you’ve probably noticed by now that most of the cases no longer fit. The iPad Air, to me, seems too breakable to just throw in a backpack on a trip, so I needed a good, solid case for travel. Saddleback Leather is working on a version of their iPad case for the Air, and I was lucky enough to test out one of their prototype units. I know Saddleback is a great example of quality, style, and toughness, so I was eager to try it out.

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Ovision underwater housing for iPhone review


In this day and age, many young people have given up using a point and shoot camera and rely solely on their cell phone cameras for taking pictures. With the advances in camera technology in phones, minus having zoom, the quality can be on par with many point and shoots. But what happens when you only have your phone and want to take underwater photos or videos? Many waterproof iPhone cases on the market aren’t meant for taking snorkeling, but the Ovision underwater housing for the iPhone, a Kickstarter project, is made to take with you down to 200-300 ft. I was sent a prototype to check out, so lets see how well it works. Read More →

Roolen Breath ultrasonic humidifier review


Here in Seattle, we had a dry spell where there was no rain and the air was as dry as I remember in the Midwest. I’ve tried several types of humidifiers to keep our bedroom bearable, but all have been returned due to not doing enough, or being simply too bulky and inconvenient to use day in and day out. During this dry spell, I was thankful to have received the Roolen Breath ultrasonic humidifier to review. Ultrasonic had been the one type of humidifier I had yet to try, so I was eager to see how well it would do. Let’s see if it stays in the bedroom or gets boxed up and sent to the garage.

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ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow mechanical gaming keyboard review


When it comes to PC gaming, one of the sounds you hate to hear is that “beep!” when you’ve pressed down too many keys. This is due to most average keyboards having a set number of keys allowed to be pressed at the same time. The way to combat this is to pick up a mechanical keyboard, such as the ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow gaming keyboard. Not only does it boast Cherry MX key switches, but also allows for up to 500 macros to be programmed, something I have heard of, but never used before. Let’s see how well it worked. Read More →

Keep your iPhone 5 safe in style with the Leather Folio case by Adopted


Since I picked up my gold iPhone 5S, I’ve been looking for a good case to put on it that will show off its style. Roaming around the web the other day, I stumbled across this Leather Folio case by Adopted. What really piqued my curiosity was its leather, and both the white/gold and pewter/silver varieties look like they would fit great with any iPhone 5. Then, it takes the style and adds a utility element to it with an interior card pocket, which is lined in suede to keep your screen safe. The bottom ports are also easily accessible, so it should fit most headphones and charging cables; this is important to me since my nice headphones and non-OEM cables have large plugs. At only $59.95, I am tempted to add this to my Christmas wish list.

Boston Acoustics MC100 Blue wireless speaker review


I have the luxury of living in a small condo, which means I have little room for a nice sound system. What that means is that I need a shelf-sized speaker that provides high-quality sound. It also has to be within my price range. The Boston Acoustics MC100 Blue seemed to offer that and more, so I thought I would give it a shot and see how well it can do in our small condo.
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Glider Gloves Urban Style Touchscreen Gloves review


Ah, winter. When touchscreen phones first became popular, this time of year meant no gloves, or no phone. Now, there are a ton of gloves on the market. My last pair of gloves left the touchscreen sensitive fingertips freezing cold, to where I had to wear gloves over them in order to stay warm. I am hoping that the Urban Style Touchscreen Gloves by Glider Gloves can save the day and have the comfort of my old pair, but keep my hands warm this season. Let’s see if they have managed so far.

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Belkin has updated their Ultimate Keyboard case to fit the iPad Air

belkin-ultimateair-1Just a few months ago, I got the chance to review the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard case for my old iPad. Now that I have the new iPad Air, my favorite keyboard case is no longer compatible. There is good news though, as Belkin has released a newer version of their Ultimate Keyboard Case to fit the iPad Air just in time for the holidays. They are also now offering it in three colors for the Air: White, silver, and black. The case offers three viewing positions with the keyboard and can fold into a tablet mode where the keyboard is tucked away. Magnets hold the iPad in place when in a viewing position and will automatically turn the keyboard on or off when set into and removed from this mode. You can pre-order the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard case for the iPad Air for $129.

Protect your iPad Air in style with the Grove Wood Smart Case


Now that you’ve got your fancy, lightweight iPad Air, what is the next best thing to do? Make it heavier by adding a case to it! Perhaps the Wood Smart Case by Grove can provide protection without adding too much weight. It is made out of lightweight bamboo and maple to provide style and keep the bulk of the case down to a minimum, and it’s 100% handcrafted in the USA. The front flap works just like a Smart Cover and is compatible with the auto wake/sleep of the iPad. There are cutouts for the headphone jack, charging port, and speakers, and wooden buttons for volume and wake/sleep buttons. Three viewing positions gives the case some versatility as well. You can order one today for the iPad Air ($99) or iPad mini ($79).

Sharkoon Drakonia Black gaming mouse review


I’ve considered myself a PC gamer since high school, yet I never really have spent the money on high-end gaming equipment. Since I was doing fine with my plain-o mouse, I just never saw the need. Plus, the cost of many gaming accessories are out of my budget. When I was offered to review the new Drakonia Black by Sharkoon, I was intrigued, because it was within the price range of something I would buy, and I would finally see what the hubbub was about with customizing your mouse, and if DPI truly mattered. Let’s see if it improves my gameplay at all.

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Anker Astro2 9000mAh portable external battery review


It seems like we have had a lot of different external batteries to review here on the Gadgeteer lately. They have become such an everyday factor in our gadget-filled life that the market is flooded with different sizes, shapes, and colors of batteries. Anker is one of the many companies producing external batteries, but with their Astro2 external batteries, they’ve simplified how to check the battery level and start charging your devices. The Astro2 comes in 3 different sizes and I was sent the mid-sized 9000 mAh variety. Let’s see if it stands out in the crowd.

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