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Cambridge SoundWorks i525 iPod/iPhone Table Radio Dock Review

With the abundance of table radio/iPod docks on the market, it ca be overwhelming in the quest to find out which one will fit your needs. Cambridge Soundworks makes a very impressive bid with the i525 AM/FM Table Radio with iPod Dock. Read More →

Hipstamatic: Vintage iPhone Pictures

Mobile photography just got a whole lot classier with the invention of digital photography app Hipstamatic.  This vintage-inspired, old school photo app is easily the grooviest and most addictive app of its kind available to iPhone junkies. Read More →

Just Mobile Xtand for iPhone 3G/3GS Review

Just Mobile brings us the Xtand. A sleek, simple iPhone 3G/3GS stand that takes on the qualities of the iMac, transforming its elegant design and simplicity into an essential accessory for videos, music and iPhone comfort.
Read More →

MobileAction i-gotU USB GPS Travel & Sports Logger Review

The MobileAction i-gotU is a small, on-the-go geo-tagging device may look like a tiny paperweight, but it packs a whole lot of feature and comes with three pieces of distinct software (@trip, Where am I and Sports Analyzer) for various utilizations. Whip this plastic box out while traveling to get accurate satellite tagging of your location for photos, exercising and just for kicks! Read More →

WiFi Internet Radio w/ iPod docking station Review

Looking for an iPod dock with a little pizzazz? How about one that links up with your home WiFi connection, plays podcasts and FM/Internet radio from around the globe, and – here’s the kicker –streams music in from you home computer? The WiFi Internet Radio (Model IR-3101) from MerConnect can do all these things and quite a bit more, pushing the traditional iHome docking station idea into something quite multi-functional, easy-to-use and entertaining. Read More →

Clickfree Transformer Backup for iPod/iPhone Review

As with all their products, Clickfree engineers simple backup solutions that provide users with the ability to store and transfer data from one computer to the next. Basically your iPod/iPhone turns into a portable flash drive that is compatible with both the OSX 10.5.4 + and PC platforms (including Windows 7 support).

Instead of forking over $100 + for external HDD, whip out the iPod/iPhone transformer and backup with devices you already own. I attached a 1GB iPod Shuffle to the transformer, and from there you can see that I could either choose to backup data to the device or I could bring over the Shuffle’s music to my iPod library – a great solution if your iPod/iPhone was hooked into a computer that is no longer with us. Read More →

Speck CandyShell iPhone Case Review

CandyShellSpeck offers up several options for iPhone 3G/3GS cases: Fitted, Pixelskins, Toughskins, Quickdraw, and the CandyShell — just to name a few. What’s great about the CandyShell is that you get the best of both worlds – a hard, plastic outside and a smooth rubberized inside, providing optimal protection and shock absorption. Read More →

Joby GorillaTorch Review

GorillaTorchThe Joby Gorillatorch is a hands-free, ultra portable light that makes illuminating difficult spaces a breeze. With magnetic bottoms, a rubberized ring and foot grips, this compact cree LED light can illuminate just about any hard to reach angle. Read More →

Clickfree C2 Portable Backup Drive: Just Click and GO!

handclickThe Clickfree C2 Portable Automatic Backup drive is the go-to option for those looking for a hardware backup solution with it’s own easy, but option rich software interface that works with both Mac and PC.

As a Mac user, already using Time Machine to securely backup my data, C2 might appear useless and a bit overkill, but this HDD will actually backup both your Mac and PC on the same device, allowing it to go above and beyond the limits of the Time Machine software. Mac users with lingering PCs can use the C2 to make sure all of their computer devices are secure on just one HardDrive instead of investing in multiple drives and headaches. Read More →

Duracell Pocket Charger: Take it Wherever You Go

pktchargerDuracell’s Pocket Charger is for those who have places to be or are on the go, but never remember to charge up their cell-phone or digital camera like a responsible person – just kidding. We’ve all been there without juice, panicking about how we need to check our email for the 50th time. Now you can just pop out your pocket charger, give the cell a hit of juice, and slink it right into your hip pocket when you’re done. Read More →

Sumo Sleeve: Protecting Notebooks One Day at a Time

MobileEdge Brings You the Sumo Ballistic Nylon SleeveIn a world dominated by incase, the Sumo notebook sleeve, packs quite a punch. This bag is loaded with ballistic and water-resistant nylon, a corduroy liner, hip contrast top stitching, and padded protection. A sleeve built this good also fits snugly right under your arm. Read More →

Brainjuice Presents: Arcade Hockey for iPhone & iPod Touch

IMG_0094Up for a friendly Air Hockey match anyone? I thought so! It’s a good thing then that iPhone & iPod Touch App newcomer, Brainjuice, has just released their simple, user-friendly and addicting version of arcade hockey! Read More →

Proximity Networking. WhosHere iPhone App Review

whosherelogoLooking to sell that old, worn couch? Or tired of hanging out with the same boring people? Well, WhosHere created by MyRete connects you with new, awesome people right down the road or 100’s of miles away in countries like Australia or India. Read More →