HOMADE LEGO Shaped MP3 i-Player Review

When I was a kid, I remember looking in the Sears Christmas Wish Book at LEGO sets. Unfortunately for me, I never had any of those fun building bricks. But as an adult, I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve purchased a set or two. Or three :o) Who can’t help but love them? As a huge LEGO fan, I knew that I had to review the HOMADE iPlayer MP3 player when Brando started selling them.

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Samsung P2 (YP-P2) Digital Audio Player

I have been a Mac-guy for over a decade and have owned an iPod since the beginning.
I am currently using an iPod Touch and I take it with me everywhere I go. But
being the gadget-junkie that I am, I was getting a bit bored with my current
lot of tech-toys. So, I started looking into other portable music/video players
to play with. The Samsung
looked like a worthy candidate; it had several features the Touch did
not, a nice form-factor, and it had received rave reviews. I read many reviews
praising the P2 as a less costly (some even said better) alternative to the
Touch. However, those reviews were definitely coming from the perspective of
Windows users. This review will be coming from a Mac/iPod user’s viewpoint.

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Zune 8GB

I got into the MP3 player market a little late. I was in high school during the early years of the
digital music revolution, so I couldn’t really afford the players of the time. My very first foray
into MP3 hardware was with a very, very poorly made RCA MP3-CD player. I upgraded from that to a
Creative Muvo2 with the microdrive ripped out and a 512MB CompactFlash card installed. I never used
it much, because the interface was clunky and annoying to use.

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Apple iPod touch

Apple has been particularly
busy these past few months. We’ve seen updated aluminum iMacs, the new
iPod classic,
new iPod nano
fatty and of course, we can’t forget the mega hyped
iPhone. Redefining
both mobile phones and digital media players, the iPhone has made a definite
dent in tech history. Now we have the iPod touch. This device takes all the
music and video related features that have made the iPhone so popular, and made
them available to people that don’t want to switch carriers or phones.

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Apple iPod nano “Fatty”

Of the three updated iPods that Apple recently announced, I would have to say that the updates to the nano have caused me more excitement than the 160GB classic and the touch screen enabled iPod touch. To date, the nano has been Apple’s smallest audio player with a color display. But now it’s evolved into a video player as well. Dubbed the ‘fatty’, the new nano is anything but pudgy. It’s as thin as ever, but now has a wide display capable of showing your favorite videos and movies.

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Apple iPod classic

The globally popular Apple iPod video has been updated with a new face, a new interface, higher storage capacity and even a new name. It’s now called the iPod classic, which may sound like a name that would be given to a low end model, but this isn’t the case with the new iPod classic. This
classic may not be tiny like the new “fatty” nano, or have a touch screen like the new iPod touch. But neither of those devices are available in capacities of 80 or 160GB, enabling you can carry your entire music and video library with you in your pocket. Today I’m going to tell you about the 160GB version of this device.

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Insignia NS-DVB4G Video MP3 Player

At the end of 2006, I had the opportunity to review 2 digital audio players from Best Buy’s house brand of products: Insignia. I really liked both of these players and was happy when I was asked if I was interested in taking a look at their latest version of the NS-DV video player. Let’s see what has changed…

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Apple iPod Nano (2nd Generation)

The Apple iPod nano has received an extreme
makeover. Not that it really needed one though… The
1st generation iPod
which was released approximately 1 year before the 2nd gen nano, looked
like a baby version of the full sized player. This new version looks more like
an anorexic version of the discontinued iPod mini. Are the changes all cosmetic,
are are there some other new bits under the hood of this very popular DAP
(digital audio player)? Let’s take a closer look.

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