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tokidoki MIMOBOT Designer USB Flash Drive Review

mimobot 7

USB flash drives are not something we would typically consider as collector’s items. That is until now… If you are a collector, a geek and someone that needs to carry around a flash drive, then you will want to take a look at the MIMBOTS from Mimoco. They recently sent me the 2GB Pink Meletta …

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ATP ToughDrive USB Flash Drive Review

atp toughdrive 1

Are you rough on your gadgets? What if you had a device that contained all kinds of important data, but one that you didn’t have to worry about destroying no matter how hard you tried? The ToughDrive USB Flash Drive from ATP might be that device for you. I wasn’t content to trust their claims, …

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Sony 8gb Micro Vault Tiny USB Flash Drive Review

I have been using a 4gb Micro Vault Tiny USB Flash Drive by Sony for about a year now. And while I have other higher capacity thumb drives, I typically reach for my Micro Vault Tiny on the way out the door. This extremely small USB flash drive is not only incredibly portable but incredibly losable as well. So, when I found out Sony had released a 8gb version of the Micro Vault Tiny I started looking for a good deal.

Cyber Snipa Dog Tags with USB Flash Drive

I’m such a loser. All my friends and family agree with me: I have a terrible habit of losing USB thumb drives. Not only have I left them in the most unlikely of places, but I have also laundered them, stepped on them, and even left them out in the rain. A few of the drives I’ve owed over the years have included a neck lanyard, but I’ve never used them because they look so ugly.

Brando USB MP3 Pen + FM Radio + Voice Recorder

This device is Brando’s 21st-century equivalent to the Swiss Army Knife, as it contains a raft of semi-related features in a compact package:

It’s a 1GB USB thumb drive!
It’s an MP3 player!
It’s a voice recorder!
It’s (supposedly) an FM radio!
It’s a pen!
It’s a floor wax!
It’s a dessert topping!

(floor wax and dessert topping sold separately)