Sony 8gb Micro Vault Tiny USB Flash Drive Review

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I have been using a 4gb Micro Vault Tiny USB Flash Drive by Sony for about a year now. And while I have other higher capacity thumb drives, I typically reach for my Micro Vault Tiny on the way out the door. This extremely small USB flash drive is not only incredibly portable but incredibly losable as well. So, when I found out Sony had released a 8gb version of the Micro Vault Tiny I started looking for a good deal.

It is a shame that there is so much plastic in Sony’s consumer packaging, many times more material than the flash drive itself….but I digress.

Package Contents

  • Sony 8gb Micro Vault Tiny USB Flash Drive
  • Slipper Case
  • Virtual Expander (automatically compress and decompress data) application
  • Operating Instructions

Hardware Specifications

Drive Type Solid State USB Flash Drive
Hard Drive Sizes 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB
Standard Compliance USB 2.0
Connector Type USB Type A
Dimensions (WxHxD mm) 14.5 x 30 x 2.7
Weight (g) 1.5
OS Support Windows Vista, XP, 2000 & Mac OS X
Warranty One year

Other than capacity and color, there is no difference between the 1gb, 2gb, 4gb and 8gb versions of the Micro Vault Tiny.

The Micro Vault Tiny is the smallest flash drive I have ever seen/heard of. It weighs almost nothing and is more or less the volume of a quarter. A device only in spy movies a few years back.

Along with being extremely small and light weight, the Tiny flash drive is relatively fragile compared to other drives on the market. It could easily be snapped off in a USB port or cracked if too much pressure is applied to it. I recommend carrying it in its slipper case or something else to protect it.

The Micro Vaults upload/download speeds are typical compared to other flash drives.

Speed test:
File used: a 85.1mb folder of 39 jpg images.
Copying file from Macbook Pro to the Micro Vault Tiny took 18 seconds
Copying file from Micro Vault Tiny to the Macbook Pro took 6 seconds

The Tiny comes preloaded with Virtual Expander, a Windows application that automatically compresses and decompresses data during the upload/download process. According to Sony’s website, this application allows you to store up to 3 times as much data.

The Micro Vault Tiny really can be kept anywhere (and lost forever in the blink of an eye). I prefer to carry mine in the coin pocket of my pants/jeans. The slipper case that Sony provides is okay, but I am hoping to find a small, rugged container that can carry both of my Micro Vaults.

As I have stated above, Sony’s Micro Vault Tiny is my thumb drive of choice. I wish Sony had a 16 or 32gb version of this flash drive. But for now, I am happy with the 8gb version (12gb if I carry both with me). If you are looking for one of the smallest and lightest USB flash drives around, the Micro Vault Tiny is definitely worth considering.


Product Information

  • Quality construction and materials
  • Excellent design
  • Unsurpassed size, weight, and portability
  • Good value (vs size/weight)
  • Easy to lose
  • Fragile

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9 thoughts on “Sony 8gb Micro Vault Tiny USB Flash Drive Review”

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  2. It is hard to take the review seriously if the reviewer cannot tell the difference between gigabytes (GB), gigabits (Gb), and “gb” (whatever that may be), or simply cannot be bothered.

  3. I just bought one of these and it doesn’t work on Mac OSX. Even on the instructions it says OS9 only, does not work on OSX. Doesn’t get recognized on my Macbook at all. Massive fail Sony. So i’m not sure how you got it to work on your Macbook Pro????

  4. sorry drew. but i have 4 of this, 2 are mine and 2 of my girlfriend.
    i use mac os x in a mac mini, and ever the tiny sony worked well.
    you pendrive can be formated in many options, and someones don’t works with osx.
    format it in fat, is much easy to work with all OSs

  5. i don’t quite understand the problems you have with sony micro vault tiny 8 GB together with macs – I fly on os 10.5.8 for example :
    I just pust the tiny in my macbookpro and the icon on my desktop
    receives & deliver files perfectly without any hesitation at all.
    but I haven’t yet opened the tiny on a pc.

  6. I used this for almost a year and I loved it, people did not believe that I had my presentaion on that tiny thing.. I had it hangging out of my labcoat for alomst a year. It came with a case that is so protective so I never had a problem with it, unfortunatly somebody borrowed it and never returned it, but hey.. who can blame him!

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