Alisa Clark

FestiveTones Review

The holidays might be over, but are you still feeling the holiday spirit? Are you the kind of person that changes your ringtone to Jingle Bells in keeping with the festivities? Then FestiveTones is for you. Some of you may remember MailTones that was reviewed previously here at the Gadgeteer. The premise is still the …

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Otterbox Commuter TL iPhone Case Review

Otterbox has released a new line of iPhone cases called the Commuter TL. They come in a myriad of colors and promise to keep your precious iPhone safe from the dust, dirt and lint that take up residence in our jacket pockets and or purses.  Otterbox became famous for their waterproof cases-this is not one …

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Star6 iPhone Sound Mixer App Review

There is a new iPhone app by Agile Partners that has hit the iTunes store and it’s called Star6. Star6 is a program that let’s you act like a DJ/musician. You can sample songs,  add some rhythms and change things like pitch and speed simply by tilting your iPhone forward and back.