MailTones iPhone App Review

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MailTones is an app for your iPhone that lets you associate email from different people with different tones.

Setup is easy if you already have a Gmail account. If not, set one up so that the forwarding fun can begin, as you have to have your email forwarded to the MailTones server in order to work. You really don’t need Gmail, but I suggest it because you can have all of your email accounts in one location, and then setup the forwarding from there.


I enjoyed the concept, but there is a slight learning curve in remembering which tone belongs to who! But once you get that down you can enjoy your email. Now instead of the plain ding you would normally hear you can be made aware of important email without constantly checking your phone.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Electric Pocket
  • Helps you save time when wondering if an email needs to be checked immediately.
  • Remembering what sound goes to what email.

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  2. Sorry, but I have no desire to have my email forwarded to another company and then resent to me. That is just another step for my email to be hacked or for the servers to crash etc.

  3. @ucfgrad93 – just an FYI. You forward a copy of your incoming mail to the mail tones server. They then send you a push notification, in the form of a audio alert based on how you’ve configured the app once they get the new message. So while you do have to forward a copy of your incoming mail to them they don’t actually re-send the mail items to you. You still use the Mail app. to check mail via whatever mail service you use (Mobile Me, G-Mail etc.)

    You’re right that it is putting your e-mail out there one additional time but the service going down won’t effect you getting your mail in any way, just the audio alerts.

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