Epson LabelWorks Safety Kit review

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epson labelworks safety kit-01I’ve had the same “Brand B” big-name label maker for nearly 15 years.  Why would I need another one?  Sure, my old one is heavy, hard-to-read, and often frustrating to use… Okay, maybe it’s time to give the Epson LabelWorks Safety Kit a look.

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epson labelworks safety kit-03

epson labelworks safety kit-04

From the Epson website:

  • Convenient — printing labels that help make your home safer is fast and easy
  • Versatile — create personalized labels for every safety measure in the home; choose from a variety of labels available including glow-in-the-dark, reflective and fluorescent
  • Stay safe — reflective labels on bikes and strollers; glow-in-the-dark labels for emergency supplies in dark storage rooms
  • Clearly communicate — “caution” labels alert others to water, thermostat and heat settings
  • Stay organized — clearly label all pill containers and medicine bottles
  • Durable — industrial-strength labels you can depend on
  • Customize — over 300 symbols let you print exactly what you need
  • Full featured — kit includes label printer, 2 tape cartridges for instant, customized labels, and carrying case which also holds 6 AA-sized batteries (not included) and an optional AC adapter (not included)

In the box:

  • LW-400 Label Printer
  • 12 mm (~½”) Glow-in-the-dark cartridge
  • 18 mm (~¾”) Black on Silver (Reflective) cartridge
  • User’s Guide

epson labelworks safety kit-05

The Epson LW-400 is the printer included in the Safety Kit.

epson labelworks safety kit-06

A large, green “cut” button sits on the right to trim the tape.  The round green button on top is the print button.

epson labelworks safety kit-07

epson labelworks safety kit-08

A quick tip reference guide is printed on the back.

epson labelworks safety kit-09

Two tapes are included in the Safety Kit:  An 18mm (3/4″) reflective tape, and a 12mm (1/2″) glow-in-the-dark tape.

epson labelworks safety kit-10

To open the LW-400 printer, you press the push tap near the bottom.  The two halves come apart.

epson labelworks safety kit-11

The LW-400 takes six AA-size batteries (not included).

epson labelworks safety kit-12

A closeup of a tape cartridge in place.  Note the small leader sticking out of the slot.

epson labelworks safety kit-13

Cover closed.  A window shows which tape is inserted.

epson labelworks safety kit-15

The keyboard reminds me of an old smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard (remember those?)  I noticed there were two shift keys (blue up arrows) on the bottom row, which was a nice touch.

epson labelworks safety kit-14

Another nice touch:  The LCD is backlit!  I did not expect this.  You can opt to turn this off under settings.

epson labelworks safety kit-16

First, I tried the included reflective tape.  The tape isn’t laminated with a clear film, but the print felt plenty sturdy.  There are some “jaggies” in the text, but you really only notice them if you look up close or print big.

epson labelworks safety kit-17

A majority of the functions on the LW-400 printer were pretty standard for a label maker.  You get a bunch of different font styles and effects, memory settings, and so forth.  However, the “flag label” option caught my eye.  Print a wire label?  I had to try this.

epson labelworks safety kit-22

This was my first attempt.  A vertical line is printed to indicate the “fold” point.  Peel back the adhesive, and…

epson labelworks safety kit-23

Presto!  You’ve got a wire label.  I messed up somewhere on my first try, as the text is more centered towards the cable, not on the edge of the flag, but that’s okay.  You can also print a wrap-around label, also shown here.

epson labelworks safety kit-24

The Safety Kit comes with glow-in-the-dark tape, ideal for hunting down cables in the inky shadows behind your desk.

epson labelworks safety kit-18

You want symbols?  The LW-400 printer has more symbols than I could possibly describe, so here they are!  I’ll bet you think “Hey, I have a use for a ___ symbol!”

epson labelworks safety kit-19

epson labelworks safety kit-20

epson labelworks safety kit-21

epson labelworks safety kit-26

As if pages of icons weren’t enough, you can combine them in pre-programmed “borders”.  I’ve added a reflective label to my coffee container at work.

epson labelworks safety kit-25

I’m not a font freak.  The default one is just fine by me.  At least there’s no Comic Sans.

epson labelworks safety kit-27

The Epson LabelWorks Safety Kit with the LW-400 printer is a compact yet impressive set.  I kept finding ideas and things I wanted to label.  I liked it so much I insta-ordered a handful of other label cartridges.  In addition to the reflective and glow-in-the-dark, you can get them in Iron-on, Metallic, Strong Adhesive, Pearlized, Tab, Fluorescent and Clear.  The LW-4oo printer is lightweight, very quiet and easy to use, too.

epson labelworks safety kit-24b

One more thing:  I just HAD to try this with the glow-in-the-dark tape.  This was taken in complete darkness.  The tape glows quite nicely even after being exposed to indirect light, and ducking into a garage or tunnel (shown here).

Update 01/22/15

After a few months, this is still a great label maker. The only thing I’ve noticed is since the labels aren’t laminated, the print can rub off under repeated abrasion/scuffing. Otherwise, I still get a rush of gadget-glee when I need to print something.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Epson. For more info about Epson LabelWorks Safety Kit visit


Product Information

Price:$109 MSRP (LW-400 is less than $40 by itself at Amazon)
  • Six AA batteries, Epson LC tape (up to 18mm)
  • Kit comes with reflective and glow-in-the-dark tapes and a carry case
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Over 300 icons
  • Can print borders, wire labels, and more
  • No Comic Sans font
  • Tape cartridges average about $20 each, depending on style
  • Batteries not included

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  2. Does it waste tape like the “B” branded label printers? On those about 25% of the label is usually cut off at the end of each print, but is necessary as it acts as a leader for the next label.

  3. @Steven: That’s another thing. I find the Epson doesn’t waste so much. Maybe it’s because my old Brand B printer is set wrong, but I always had a pair of scissors handy when I used it to snip off the excess. Not so with the Epson. Print, cut once, done.


    THANK YOU for printing the entire symbols/borders insert that came with the label maker. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    Epson does not have that on their site and I lost mine and was so relieved to find your posted photos of it! They have every other insert you can reprint except that one.

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