This mini ratchet with bit holder folds up to fit in your pocket or your keychain!

labear mini ratchet 4

NEWS – The LaBear mini folding magnetic ratchet set is one of the smallest all-in-one style ratchet sets that I’ve seen. You won’t want to use this small tool for big jobs, but in a pinch, it will help you tighten or loosen hex and star screws. It features a bit holder that attaches to the side of the tool with a magnet and comes with Hex – H4, H5, H6 |Star – T25, and T30 bits. The 72-tooth ratchet is designed to give you smooth control and torque. Bikers might find it useful for a minimal toolkit. It is available in 5 colors and is priced at $13.99 on Amazon.

labear mini ratchet 6

labear mini ratchet 5

labear mini ratchet 1

labear mini ratchet 3

labear mini ratchet 2

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