Worx 20V Power Share Full Size Cordless Hot Glue Gun Review – No more cords in the way!

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REVIEW – I have recently gotten into woodworking.  I will often need a glue gun when trying to plane down a piece of wood that is not perfectly level on both sides.   Normally you would start with a tool called a ‘joiner’ that smooths out the bottom of an uneven board as it passes over the blade.  Then when one side is perfectly level, you can use a planer to fix the top part of the board.  Well, a joiner is a HUGE piece of machinery that I do not have a place for in my garage shop.   A workaround is to build a wooden jig that you glue down (with hot glue so that you can easily remove it after the top part is planed level) the wood to pass through the planer.   I own a hot glue gun, but it is corded, and the cord is only about three feet long.  Worx has developed a hot glue gun that uses its Power Share batteries to power it.  I am excited to try it out and see how well it works.

What is it?

The Worx Hot Glue Gun is a 20V cordless hot glue gun that uses the Worx Power Share batteries.  The batteries will work on multiple Worx tools.

What’s in the box?

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  • Worx WX045L Hot Glue Gun
  • 10 11mm glue sticks
  • WA3752 battery charger
  • One 2.0 Ah battery
  • Glue gun user manual
  • Battery charger user manual
  • Warranty registration form
  • Warranty info

Hardware specs

  • Full-size cordless design supports versatile use for woodworking, crafting, home improvements, and more.
  • A high max temperature of 392°F strengthens bonding with heavier materials—such as wood, metal, plastic, and ceramic.
  • Preheat in just 3 minutes so you can start your work faster.
  • The self-standing base prevents the glue gun from tipping over and damaging surfaces.
  • Accepts all standard 11mm glue sticks.
  • It shuts off automatically after 20 minutes to improve safety and conserve battery power.
  • Oversized two-finger squeeze trigger refines control over glue application.
  • Weighs under one lb. and is equipped with a comfort grip to reduce fatigue.
  • Same Battery, Expandable Power. The same battery powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share™ family.

Design and features

The Worx Hot Glue Gun fits very comfortably in my hand.  It fits much better than the cheap glue gun I purchased from a big box store.  It is free-standing because the battery allows you to place the gun on your workbench and not worry about it falling over.   My old glue gun lay on its side.   It is heavier than my old glue gun, but not unduly so.  It feels substantial in my hand.   The trigger is nice and big and easy to pull in once the gun is warmed up.

worx gluegun 10

At the top of the glue gun, you will find the power button.   Pressing one time will turn it on.  It will turn off automatically after 20 minutes of no use, but you can also press the button again to turn it off.

worx gluegun 4

On the side of the Worx Hot Glue Gun is an open area where you can see how much of the glue stick is left.  The picture below shows how much glue stick sticks out when initially inserting it into the gun.  You can also see that the back of the handle has a textured grip on it that makes the gun easy to hold.

worx gluegun 5


The setup was simple.  The first thing I did was plug in the charger and charge the battery.  The green LED flashed to indicate that the battery was charging.  When the charge was complete, the LED changed to solid green.

worx gluegun 3

I then inserted a glue stick into the gun from the rear of the device as far as it would go. Then I inserted the battery into the bottom of the gun and pressed the power button.  The LED by the power button glows red to indicate that the gun is heating up.  I apologize for all of the sawdust on the gun in the picture.

worx gluegun 7

Once the Worx Hot Glue Gun achieves its maximum temperature of 392 degrees Fahrenheit, the LED by the power button will turn green.  At that point, I started to squeeze the trigger to push the glue stick to the front of the gun.   The stick moved easily.  After a few trigger pulls, I started to see glue come out of the gun.

worx gluegun 9

The picture below shows how much glue stick shows just before the glue starts to come out of the gun.   I appreciate that most of the glue stick will be inside the gun as I work with it.  There is less chance of me hitting that stick poking out of the back of the gun as it does on my old glue gun.

worx gluegun 8


I love the Worx Hot Glue Gun.  It feels solid in my hand and works exactly as it should.  It heats up quickly with a light to indicate when you can start to use the gun.  The trigger is big and easy to pull.   The glue comes out nicely and does not continue to ooze out of the gun as it does on my cheap glue gun. It stands up on its own, which is also a big plus for me.

What I like

  • Cordless
  • Indicator lights when fully heated
  • No glue ooze!
  • Very comfortable to use
  • The gun is large enough to hold a glue stick almost completely inside of it.

What I’d change

  • Not a thing!

Final thoughts

I am extremely happy with the Worx Cordless Hot Glue Gun.  It comes with a three-year warranty that exceeds what you will find on many knock-off brand tools on Amazon. If you are a crafter, woodworker, or anyone who uses a glue gun regularly, then I feel the Worx Glue Gun is well worth the investment.

Price: $69.99 – that is the price with the battery, $29.99 without the battery.
Where to buy: Worx (Worx has coupons on site that will save you 10-20%) or Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Worx.

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