PowBuzz battery powered screwdriver review

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REVIEW – If you’re reading this website, there’s a good chance you’ve used a powered screwdriver before. Building your own computer, Raspberry Pi projects, changing out the memory or storage on your device – having a power driver makes short work of those pesky screws. The folks at PowBuzz have responded to the increasing miniaturization of devices with a driver that not only has full-sized flat and Phillips driver bits, but a huge assortment of smaller bits for your tiny gadget needs. Let’s take a closer look.

What is it?

Battery powered screwdriver with standard-sized and mini-sized bits, work light, voltage detection, and a flashlight.

What’s in the box?

  • Main Drive unit
  • Adapter from standard to mini hex
  • One standard flat-head bit
  • One standard Phillips bit
  • USB charging cable
  • Set of various bits for mini screws

Hardware specs

From company website

  • 2000 mAh High Capacity Battery
  • High Performance Electric Screwdriver
  • Low-Voltage Overload Protection + Non-Contact Current Detection
  • Dual Integrated LED lights

Design and features

The PowBuzz SD-1009 battery powered screwdriver is a 7″ tube about the size and heft of a good-quality flashlight. At 6.9 ounces, it’s heavier than the rubberized plastic shell would let on. It is built solid. (I even gave it the good, old-fashioned Gadgeteer Creak Test and it passed with flying colors!) There is a nice front-to-back balance, rather than the battery or the motor weighing down one end or the other. The bits are kept in via magnets, and I never had one fall out.

Along one side of the shaft, there are three buttons and an LED. The long toggle button spins the non-variable motor clockwise or counter-clockwise. (This is a little further back than I would like, but this is mostly for mini fasteners, so I don’t think it’s going to matter if I have a firm grip or not!)


The two buttons at the end of this panel away from the bit mounting deserve special mention. One is for a fairly strong LED flashlight. There is no click to hold it on – it’s simply for inspection and turns off when you release the button. The next one, however, is great for a unit in this price range. It is a non-contact voltage detector. When you hold this button down, if there is a voltage within 5 cm of the screwdriver tip, it will emit a nice loud beep until you move it out of range, or let go of the button. This worked well, even in my cord-strewn office.


I used the PowBuzz battery powered screwdriver for a few projects I’ve been working on and found it to be a decent power driver. I’ve used better, and certainly the addition of a clutch or a variable-speed motor would improve it, but for this price point, this is a great set.
As I stated earlier, the bits are kept in via magnets, and I never had one fall out. They snapped into place and did their job.

What I like

  • Full solution for projects
  • Work light turns on automatically
  • USB-C charging
  • Live line detection

What I’d change

  • I wish there was a removable case for the bits.
  • A variable-speed motor
  • A clutch to adjust torque

Final thoughts

I’m sure many readers already have a set of smaller bits or screwdrivers – I know I do. Having a hand-powered driver for things of this size makes sense if you don’t tinker a lot. But if you’re constantly building and disassembling devices, you’ll fall in love with the quiet, consistent operation of the PowBuzz battery powered screwdriver. Add in the live line detection and the quick inspection light, it’s a great package for under $30!

Price: $27.98
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by PowBuzz.

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