Find out if your dog is a descendant of King Charles

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Oops, I should have said find out if your dog is a descendant of a King Charles Spaniel. Orivet thinks that humans shouldn’t have all the fun finding out who their ancestors are. With Orivet’s breed identification DNA tests, you can find out the breed of your puppy’s baby daddy. The easy to use $85 test will also provide insight on your pet’s adult weight predictions, personality traits, nutrition suggestions and more. In addition to breed identification tests, Orivet also offers DNA tests for health risks like hip dysplasia and many more conditions.

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  2. Actually, there are very, very few King Charles Spaniels. What they are probably referring to is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which is now very popular in the U.S. but has been very popular in England for many decades (got our first one in England in 1980). The King Charles Spaniel has almost a pug nose and they have a long history of medical issues relating to breathing.

    The DNA test on rescues can give some surprising results. The rescued 8 week old puppy I got that they thought was a retriever mix ended up being mostly bloodhound mixed with various collie types. She got the bloodhound nose and brains (i.e., almost none) and collie looks.

  3. I used two different companies but would have to do some digging in records to determine which ones. When the first one came back saying Gypsy was over half bloodhound I didn’t believe it so did another test with another company. That result came back amazingly close to the first one, so it appears that it was right.

  4. I’ve used this service twice now on my Humane Society mutts. I always find the results fascinating. Forst off, it always shows that the Humane Society really just makes a wild guess at your dog’s breed. In both my cases, they weren’t even close. Both my dogs are medium sized dogs and about 40lbs. Test results say one has 25% Great Dane in her (we say she underachieved) and the other said she was 25% Pekingese (she overachieved). I would have never guessed either.

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