Bloxels help kids or YOU make video games with a tablet and blocks

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It’s no big mystery why kids (and adults) enjoy playing video games. Duh, it’s because they are fun! What if kids (and adults) could easily create their own games and learn something in the process? Bloxels can make that happen. Bloxels is a kid-friendly video game creation platform where kids (and even adults) use a tablet and 250 colored plastic blocks to design games on a 13×13 Bloxels game board that reminds me of the light brite boards from my own childhood. Kids (and adults!) can design their own levels with the game board and blocks and then use their iOS or Android tablet to scan the board into the Bloxels app. The color of the blocks represent building elements. For example, green blocks are used to build walls or terrain, blue blocks are water, yellow blocks are coins, white blocks are doors, etc. From there the app will let you choose a hero and then you’re all set to play your game. The cool thing is that if you share your games and elements with the Bloxel community, you can earn coins which can be used to buy other layouts and elements from other Bloxel creators to use in your games. A Bloxel set is $49.95. For more info visit

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